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Maximize Your Organization’s Collective Knowledge Using ORGENIUS® Software to Analyze and Visualize Experienced Wisdom and Thoughts of Veteran WorkersLIGHTz Inc.


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ORGENIUS® supports the next generation of workers by delivering the exclusive, professional knowledge gained through the experience of seasoned experts.


  • Visualize and share the thought process of seasoned experts with experienced knowledge.
  • Experienced knowledge of seasoned experts is business IP that should be transferred to the next generation of workers.

Japan is experiencing a growing labor shortage due to low birth rates and an aging population. Manufacturing industries are already feeling the effects of this labor shortage. When asked if securing skilled human resources is an issue, 40.5% of major companies and 59.8% of SME said “Yes,” according to the “2018 White Paper on Manufacturing Industries (Monodzukuri)” released by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW), and the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT). The value of skilled human resources is the background for continuity of product quality, and has a huge impact on teaching a company’s tech to the next generation of workers. As skilled, seasoned experts approach retirement, there is an urgent need for organizations to pass on their experienced knowledge to the next generation in order to maintain and improve quality and productivity. ORGENIUS® by LIGHTz Inc. converts the experienced knowledge hidden within the behavior and movements of seasoned experts into into a usable AI thinking model. This system makes it possible for young, inexperienced workers to follow and imitate the thought process of seasoned experts.

Providing Something Truly Useful & Enduring

LIGHTz Inc. was established as a group company of O2 Inc. in 2016. O2 Inc. is a technology consulting firm that specializes in the manufacturing industry - every staff member and consultant is an experienced professional of manufacturing industry engineering who brings wisdom gained through their previous jobs. Their consulting practice goes beyond the standard process of analyzing recent projects to identify and solve problems and issues, followed up by issuing a proposal report. O2 Inc. keeps working and investigates the best way to implement the content of their proposal within the client’s current business operations. This work led them to realize that many manufacturing industry clients were struggling with the same task of passing their technology on to the next generation. They decided to search for a solution to the modern dilemma of how to share experienced knowledge as fewer veteran technicians remain in the workforce.

Mr. Horikoshi, general manager of LIGHTz Inc.’s Strategic Business Unit says that ORGENIUS® was developed as an AI solution to describe the thought processes behind the experience knowledge of veteran workers.

The Importance of Sharing Veteran Thinking With the Next Generation

In addition to a general labor shortage, manufacturing industries appear to be suffering from circumstances that create fundamental difficulties in the succession of techniques and wisdom. Three main reasons have been identified.
First: Modern achievement of safety and reliability. Unlike previous generations of equipment, modern machinery has layers of safety devices and functions. For example, if you open the door of a processing machine during use, safety devices will be activated to stop operations. This means that direct, close observation of the processing point is no longer possible. In effect, workers are unable to gain experience in recognizing the factors of failure through direct handling when defects occur. They can view what’s happening, but they can’t really see it closely, so they are unable to check different ways that a problem might be fixed. It is very hard to identify how small adjustments impact the condition of the product.
Second: Focus on short-term results. Both inside and outside these companies, there is a growing tendency to demand results in a short time. Workers are not given enough time to investigate the theory behind the process, so it is difficult for veterans to share the theories and principles that underlay their personal intuition and minor adjustments. There are many cases where the transfer of knowledge is limited to operating techniques.
Third: Emphasizing correct procedure. It’s very important to follow current manufacturing procedures which were developed according to years of previous experience, but it has become difficult to answer simple questions about why a procedure is in a certain order.
In these circumstances, it is impossible for young technicians and workers to match or surpass veteran coworkers. That’s why it has become urgently necessary to share experienced knowledge and underlying theory.

ORGENIUS® intelligently separates technical skill from personal knowledge to manage subcategories of knowledge like seasoned expert wisdom and industrial engineering information.

ORGENIUS® Converts the Thought Process Based on the Experienced Knowledge of Veterans Into an Easy-to-Use Guide

Mr. Horikoshi says that the unique power of ORGENIUS® is its ability to “generalize,” following the original methods of LIGHTz Inc. and O2 Inc. In order to connect the experience, wisdom and insightful perspective of specialists and experts with the next generation, the theories and principles that underlay their professional knowledge must be converted into generalized concepts that also apply across other fields, which then develops into integrative utilization and skill transfer. ORGENIUS®’s advantage is a training data “starting point” AI system. In manufacturing, this means that the system is pre-installed with learning related to experienced knowledge supported by engineering mechanisms, classified as “engineering information.” Analysis can be performed on small amounts of data, leading towards solutions based on the starting point of human ideas.

The procedure to prepare a usable, practical system only takes a few steps:

1. Observe the seasoned expert, gather and organize knowledge.
LIGHTz Inc.’s original hearing method listens to the expert’s description to analyze their words and organize complex ideas.

2. Give Ideas Shape
The expert’s thought patterns are converted into a network of words called a BrainModel® which expresses the full concept.

3. AI Processing of the Expert’s Ideas
Loading a BrainModel® into ORGENIUS® enables the system to search and locate expert knowledge just by following a few related keywords. Providing feedback about useful results allows ORGENIUS® to learn which word connections are effective to develop a search engine of specialized knowledge.

For example, when defects occur, a user can input some simple words related to the problem and the system will search for answers. In addition, this process also allows users to grasp the important point of why those specific answers appear. Repetition also lets the user adjust to this point, aiding their growth and guiding their thought process.

Mr. Horikoshi, general manager of LIGHTz Inc.’s Strategic Business Unit.

ORGENIUS®’s Next Stage

Mr. Horikoshi believes that ORGENIUS®, which LIGHTz Inc. based on its specialized engineering knowledge from the manufacturing industry, is already showing results concerning sharing of technical knowledge inside factories and supporting the growth of young workers. The next stage includes plans for deepening the pool of manufacturing-based engineering knowledge. They are also receiving requests for collaborative research from fields with few instructors available to pass on experienced knowledge. For example, one project is about soccer instruction. The knowledge of a soccer team coach was converted into a BrainModel®, and research is being conducted to analyze the movements of the players. Products to assist the transfer of knowledge will become even more essential across a variety of industries in the near future as the populations of both veteran experts and young workers decline.

Interview Date: March 7, 2019

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We an AI company that works with AI structures based around expert craftsman skills in manufacturing. Unlike big data AI, our AI is structured around small data sets, allowing us to build knowledge utilization AI systems for a variety of specialties from car manufacturers to molding factories and the construction industry.

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