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Circulation-type toilet that can be installed even in nature protected areasHikari Constraction Co.,Ltd


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Circulation-type toilet for zero emission that does not require water supply, electricity, and wastewater "Sophile (ground installation type) * TBD"

Learnning Points

  • Attitude to tackle environmental problems with a philosophy

  • We raised hygiene and environmental problems of flush toilets on a global perspective

Hikari Construction Co., Ltd., which is developing business in Okinawa Prefecture, mainly in construction civil engineering, remodeling, design, etc. What we launched as a new project is an environmentally friendly wastewater treatment system "Soil microbial membrane combined treatment septic tank Sophile (hereinafter Sophile).

"Sophile" is a septic tank developed by us as a highly energy-saving advanced purification system with less environmental burden by repeated research with public institutions such as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport. Unlike a general "anaerobic filter bed contact aeration method" septic tank which processes wastewater discharged from daily life and drainage of the toilet, it adopts its own soil microbial treatment method. Also, compared with conventional septic tanks, the energy-saving operation of 1 / 10th or more is possible, and independent operation can be performed by combining with solar power generation. Furthermore, because sewage treatment water that is highly processed can be recycled as toilet flush water, the zero-emission operation that does not emit "waste" and "CO2" is possible.

This project conducts environmental activities according to our philosophy of "Creating sophisticated environmental technologies and contributing to Okinawa's environmental conservation and tourism industry in the Okinawa Prefecture, where rich nature is an important tourism resource" and started with the development of a septic tank that can operate without the infrastructure such as water supply, sewerage, electricity, with technical cooperation from other companies. There are currently two types of "Sophile", a buried type and a ground-based type, deployed and the buried type "Sophile" is already introduced about 160 sites such as a national park Sunrousal Observatory at Bizen City in Okayama Prefecture and a World Heritage Shirakami Mountains in Fujisato-cho, Akita.

In addition, ground installation type, which is easy to install, has been in the midst of demonstration experiments for commercialization at research facilities established within "Himeyuri Tower", a typical tourist spot in Okinawa Prefecture since 2014. It uses two 20 foot containers, stores one flight toilet for each man and woman, and meets the specification of "comfortable toilet" set by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport. The result of the demonstration experiment will be soon, but its progress is excellent, it is expected to be utilized as a clean flush toilet that is not affected by the rich natural protection of Japan and infrastructure at the time of disaster. By the year 2018, we aim to make it half the size, and we are making it more compact.

  • Visiting Japan tourism business, which has a sizeable economic ripple effect, is a significant field to regain Japan's economy, such as regional revitalization and employment opportunities. However, the more the number of tourists grows, the more environmental efforts are needed. Especially for wastewater treatment such as World Heritage siteswhich is physically challenging to develop infrastructures such as electricity and water supply and sewage, everything is packaged in containers; the expectation for "Sophile" which can operate zero emission is excellent. If demonstration progresses, there are possibilities of overseas deployment, not only in Japan but also foreign world heritage sites, and areas where infrastructure is not in place.

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Since our establishment in 1974, we have undertaken the construction of private buildings, public construction civil engineering as a prime contractor, private building design, and renovation work. As for the construction of private buildings, we provide consistent services from design to construction and follow-up. We developed ”YUTORICH,” a standardized detached house to respond to the needs of our customers.

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