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If connected to a PLC, the operating status can be tracked in real time from a remote location, and corrections made.

Product name = "Remote Debug Unit"

Immediate online response to malfunctions in automated factories

"Factory automation" is highly anticipated as a key to improving productivity in the manufacturing industry. The PLC*1 plays a major role, controlling various production infrastructure. By connecting Murozumi Sekkei's "Remote Debug Unit" to a PLC installed in the factory via USB or Ethernet, you can monitor the program operation status of the PLC in real time from a remote location. Even if a problem occurs, you can identify the problem online and perform correction work.

In other words, there is potential to greatly reduce the time spent waiting for the mechanical equipment manufacturer to provide support, which inevitably happened when equipment malfunctioned.
※1 PLC: Abbreviation for Programmable Logic Controller. A control unit for operating various devices based on a certain program according to a procedure, sometimes called a "sequencer."

Taking into account security and reducing downtime

The biggest advantage for companies that install the Remote Debug Unit in their factory is reducing the downtime of production equipment. Even if the mechanical equipment manufacturer does not come to the site, the situation can be accurately tracked online and the cause of the malfunction identified smoothly. In the unlikely event that a failure is severe, repair parts are provided accurately and promptly, so that the company can more quickly embark on restarting the equipment.

Security is prioritized to protect important production data. The product will be connected to the Internet via an output VPN*2 to prevent third parties from penetrating the factory network. This VPN connection can be made either from an existing factory network or from a new network such as Wi-Fi.
※2 VPN: Abbreviation for Virtual Private Network. A technology and service that provides a virtual private network with enhanced security over the ordinary lines provided by telecommunication companies.

The utilization rate is improved at the factory where the product is installed, and the load on workers is reduced at the mechanical equipment provider

The Remote Debug Unit will greatly improve the productivity of both the factory where it is installed and the companies that provide machinery such as PLCs. The benefit should be especially large in factories where the utilization of machinery is unstable. Factories that already installed the unit have reported an improved utilization rate.

On the other hand, the mechanical equipment manufacturer can also greatly reduce the load on workers because the cause of the malfunction can be identified without dispatching a technician to the site, and minor failures can be repaired online. Immediately after the installation of mechanical equipment, the number of cases where personnel are attached to the site decreases without a doubt.

Before the installation, you must check whether the product is compatible with the PLC intended for use, but any PLC with USB or Ethernet connectivity is generally compatible. As factories become smarter, the unit's versatility is due to further expand.

Coverage date October 21,2019


Company overview

Murozumi Design Co.,Ltd

A group of engineers based in Kobe that supports "manufacturing" through the electrical design and control of various industrial machines. In both the Kansai and Kanto regions, we receive contracts for automation, labor-saving equipment, and the electrical design of plants, dispatch and train engineers, and operate within business alliances. The company started in design, but in recent years it has been working on the manufacture of control panels and operation panels and the wiring of them.

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