What is the scale?! Digital scale for automatic scaling solves problems in the measurement of technical drawingsKH Industry Co.,Ltd


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Easy, accurate, and error-free measurement of dimensions

Product Name = Speed Scale

Save time, reduce errors, and increase work efficiency

Speed Scale is a digital scale for automatic scaling. It can instantly calculate the dimensions of areas without numerical notation on paper technical drawings with an unknown scale. After inputting the numerical value of a location with numerical notation, you can automatically calculate the scale rate simply by measuring the actual size with the calipers included with Speed Scale. Once you register the calculated scale rate, you can instantly calculate the actual length, diagonal length, etc., of locations with unknown dimensions simply by measuring the actual dimensions of the location.

In addition to solving problems related to triangular scales which can be used only for fixed scales such as 1/100 or 1/200, Speed Scale will save time and reduce errors compared to manual calculations. Speed Scale also achieves higher dimensional accuracy compared to a map measure for measuring distances on a map. Moreover, there is no need to input a scale in advance.

The developer KH Industries Co., Ltd. obtained a patent for this automatic scale calculation function that improved the digital caliper. Providing this technology through Speed Scale supports the operational efficiency at other companies.

Growing performance record in a wide range of fields, with a focus on the construction and manufacturing industries

Currently, Speed Scale is used by many companies in the construction and manufacturing industries. It is used in various situations where dimensional information is required, such as cost estimation, ordering materials, and meetings held with customers in order to review technical drawings. Additionally, Speed Scale has been used in a wide variety of other industries. Examples include design companies in the automotive industry, cardboard manufacturing, glass processing, machining, control panel manufacturing, sheet processing, and electronic substrate manufacturing. KH Industries has an enormous amount of positive feedback from users. For example, "thanks to Speed Scale, our meetings go smoothly," "Speed Scale is essential to meetings with customers," "your product eliminates the stress of calculations," and "Speed Scale has reduced erroneous orders due to calculation errors."

Plan to connect with smartphones and computers in the future

Speed Scale was first jointly developed with the Technology Research Institute of Osaka Prefecture, and then commercialized through joint development with Ikawa Electronics Co., Ltd., a company located in Sakai City. We collaborated with Chinese companies on the miniaturization of products, which was the most difficult aspect of development. The partnerships built with many organizations and companies over the two-year development period have become the cornerstone of new value creation.

Currently, Speed Scale displays numerical values on its LCD screen. However, KH Industries is looking forward to launching products equipped with Bluetooth for connecting to smartphones and computers. Once achieved, this connectivity technology will help resolve even more problems.

Originally developed to solve issues faced at KH Industries, Speed Scale is now expected to fulfill a significant role in solving social issues by improving productivity and increasing efficiency.

Coverage date December 23,2019


Company overview

KH Industry Co.,Ltd

The company was established in 1997. The head office is located in Sakai City, Osaka Prefecture. KH Industries Co., Ltd. is involved in facilities support for plants producing goods such as chemicals and pharmaceuticals. In addition to piping, canning, and maintenance of machinery, the company also manufactures machinery and R&D devices. KH Industries also engages in compact engineering for optimizing equipment and reducing costs when building a new plant, expanding an existing plant, or relocating an existing plant.

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