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The keyword is Eliminating Fire Disasters from the World. Our Success Story in Exhibiting Products That are Difficult to AdvertiseFujiyama Co., Ltd.

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In this article, we interviewed President Yasutaro Fujii of Fujiyama Co., Ltd., a manufacturer that develops futuristic products that are people and environmentally friendly.

Product development manufacturer looking ahead to the future of the environment and disaster prevention

Mr. Fujii originally ran an auto-related business. While operating that business, he started exploring new businesses, and during that time period he intuitively realized that he wanted to be in “environmental” business.

He explains, “I worked really hard to develop the auto-related business, but I had to admit that using organic fuel contributed to atmospheric pollution. That’s why I decided to spend the rest of my life working to protect the natural environment. I knew it wouldn’t be easy for all of my employees to follow my new found direction. So I started first, thinking I must lead by action.”

Mr. Fujii was determined to focus his new life on the environment. Although he has developed a large variety of products, it is striking how all of them are thoughtful of both the natural environment and people.

A case in point is Takara Board, which is a heat insulating material that combines rice husk,left over after grain threshing, and a ceramic-type bond. This is an innovative idea unique to the company that is based in Niigata, a rice fertile area. Of course, rice husk is a natural material so it can be returned to nature after use. Takara Board is also an earth-conscious product in terms of re-using agricultural waste.

Takara Board is not just superior because of its low environmental burden. It demonstrates high heat resistance realized by an original ceramic processing. When conducting a combustion experiment using a burner with approximately 1000℃ combustion power on the surface of Takara Board after checking that there is air flow through the material on top of one’s palm, Takara Board did not burn and the temperature of the reverse surface was kept at a temperature cool enough to be touched with one’s bare hands, demonstrating that it is fire resistant.

Takara Board is not just ecological, but it is backed by a kindness with practical advantage. Mr. Fujii says confidently that it is indeed a product he can be proud of as a futuristic heat insulating material.

Revolutionary group of products for the world of disaster prevention

Another product with even greater focus on fire prevention is the non-combustible fire-retardant film material, Super FX3200 series. It is a groundbreaking product that can apply liquidated fire-retardant coating on various types of materials including metal, cloth, paper, and resin.

Mr. Fujii states, “We have conducted experiments at a high temperature of approximately 3000℃ based on the rocket launching site standard of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, but the coating on a steel plate did not fall off even after three combustion trials, showing sustained effects. Generally in fires, withstanding 1000℃ is sufficient to expect solid performance.”

Mr. Fujii shows absolute confidence in the effect of fire prevention, blocking the occurrence of fire or stopping the spread of fire by coating the product on building materials, cloth products, and household furnishing in people’s everyday life.

Fujiyama Co., Ltd. has also carried out the development of containment and fixation agents of asbestos certified by the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and Mr. Fujii explains that this non-combustible fire-retardant film material can be a replacement for asbestos.

He says, “Although our non-combustible fire-retardant film material only needs to be thinly coated, it can withstand high temperatures. It can easily be used as a replacement for asbestos. Currently, building materials like rock wool are mainly used in construction in place for asbestos, but using the non-combustible high-temperature heat insulation fire-retardant coating material that we developed would be much simpler. It displays an effect just by spraying or coating it with a brush.”

Furthermore, Mr. Fujii’s vision is not limited to the field of construction. The product’s allure is after all its wide range of applications. In terms of fire prevention, Mr. Fujii alarms a warning on how combustible things are used in flammable places these days.

He explains, “For example, plastic containers that hold kerosene and the like have conventionally been made directly from flammable materials. These materials easily burst into flame when there is a fire disaster and produce toxic gas. Furthermore, in recent years, the material used for fuel tanks of compact cars have changed from iron to polyethylene for the sake of weight reduction, which results in the danger of triggering fire. Thus, in the automotive sector, the development of a perfect heat-resistant coating has become essential. By utilizing our technology, we believe these items can be used with greater safety.”

Mr. Fujii’s vision does not end there. He also expects the product to be used for situations requiring high-level heat resistance and durability such as on jet engines. Mr. Fujii’s words sharing his unique technologies and grand vision struck a powerful chord with us.

Company’s products that attracted attention at the New Value Creation Exhibition

“I’m an engineer, so I’m not very good at sales,” shared Mr. Fujii with a little shyness. His greatest wish is for no one to lose their lives in fire disasters, and he believes that he needs to gain the understanding of many more people, and improve his sales ability and promotion efforts to realize this wish.

However, the problem is how to spread the product in the world and increase its exposure. Just because it is useful to people, the product will not become an instant hit. That was when Mr. Fujii set his eyes on the New Value Creation Exhibition. He decided to exhibit to advertise his own products, because it is an opportunity for many people with an interest in new value and high receptiveness to become familiar with his products. But Mr. Fujii wondered if he would be able to attract attention of visitors to the company’s products just by displaying at the exhibition. Although he went into the exhibition keeping those feelings to himself, the Fujiyama booth was more popular than he had expected.

He says, “Many people showed interest in our flame retardant and fire prevention products displayed at our booth, and we even signed a contract with a distributor that wanted to carry our products. This was a big surprise!”

The fact that the flame retardant and fire prevention products, which are difficult to publicize, had attracted attention, and how the product captured the interest of visitors from all quarters surprised Mr. Fujii. He shared with us that he was really glad to have exhibited at the New Value Creation Exhibition. In order to continue proposing the company’s future-type products for the environment to many people, Mr. Fujii plans on continuing to exhibit at the New Value Creation Exhibition.

Yasutaro Fujii, President

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We are a developer and manufacturer of future-oriented environmental products that are in demand in the present age. All of our staffs are working diligently day and night based on our core business aim to meet the needs of regional companies and consumers in Japan as well as customers around the world, and to contribute to the economy as necessary.

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