Chip conveyor solves problems at metalworking sites through excellent strength and durabilityMetal Chip Co.,Ltd


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This original Slat-Type Chip Conveyor prevents malfunctions caused by chips getting caught in the equipment. The conveyor is also easy to maintain.

Product Name = Chip discharging device "Slat-Type Chip Conveyor"

Reduces the possibility of malfunction and greatly improves durability

At factories and manufacturing sites which utilize machine tools for processing and pressing metal parts, chip conveyors which discharge chips (metal shavings) generated during processing fulfill a major role in ensuring the smooth operation of the production line. However, conventional chip conveyors have problems such as stoppage and malfunction of production lines and machines due to chips getting stuck in the conveyor, as well as insufficient durability and difficult repair/recovery during maintenance. These problems are solved by the Slat-Type Chip Conveyor (patented) developed by MetalChip Co., Ltd.

The Slat-Type Chip Conveyor uses a proprietary slat belt in the conveyor belt. The slat belt reduces the occurrence of chips getting caught in the conveyor. The conveyor is also equipped with a slat pan which is shaped to prevent the pooling of liquids. This reduces the frequency of chips getting caught in the conveyor, which was a major reason for conveyor malfunction. In addition, the slat pan is easy to install and remove. Maintenance is also simple. Furthermore, the strength and durability of the conveyor have been dramatically improved. The Slat-Type Chip Conveyor truly eliminates the cause of worries at manufacturing sites.

Discharges chips through a new design with a special pan joint angle

The greatest advantage of the Slat-Type Chip Conveyor is the new design which prevents chips from being caught in the gap between the pan joint. The special slat pan has two curved back surfaces and a part that stretches backwards. The rear curved surface on the front pan moves in relation to the curved edge on the back pan while opening a gap of a fixed size. The joint angle between the slat pans at the chip discharge section changes. This pushes chips of various sizes, shapes, and weights outside of the pan for disposal. Types of chips handled by the design include sharp and hard chips, fine chips which become caught easily, and large and heavy lumps of metal.

The Slat-Type Chip Conveyor is mainly used at metalworking sites which support many kinds of manufacturing. There is potential of the conveyor to be used in other areas such as industrial waste treatment plants. An increasing number of industries and fields require chip conveyors which resist malfunction. MetalChip also plans to customize the Slat-Type Chip Conveyor in order to create an even more precise transportation device.

Chip conveyor for maximizing machine tool performance

"Let's make a chip conveyor for maximizing machine tool performance."—MetalChip was established by engineers who are driven by a sense of mission and passion. The company has also developed a variety of other conveyors such as a method of discharging chips of specific shapes by turning coils and screws, and a method of scraping up and transporting sunken chips by using a scraper* attached to a chain. MetalChip believes that further improvement of technological capability is essential for a brighter future. There are still many innovations waiting to be discovered.
*A general term for blade-like or spatula-like instruments used to remove unnecessary objects.

Coverage date December 27, 2019


Company overview

MetalChip Co., Ltd.

The company was established in July 2015 by a small number of highly-specialized engineers with the aim of becoming a "small but excellent" company. While specializing in the design and sales of chip conveyors that transport metal chips, MetalChip pursues the creation of new value, including the Slat-Type Chip Conveyor.

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