Antibacterial Nanoparticles: New Antibacterial Technology for the Consumer Market.Meet AUSIRO miniplus, an all-in-one purification spray that removes and prevents bacteria and odors.Nano CAME Co.,Ltd.


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AUSIRO miniplus is one of the most popular items in the AUSIRO line, with a higher volume of antibacterial nanoparticles

Points to be noted

  • Business platform is based on research results recognition by the Ministry of Education (MEXT) and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI)
  • Contributes to public health by creating a new method to kill bacteria
  • Biologically safe antibacterial nanoparticles are environmentally friendly and do not damage the ecosystem

Even in the 21st century, bacterial infections are still a significant threat around the world. Bacteria are also well-known for their devious ability to quickly develop resistance to antibiotics, making antibacterial measures a serious issue of public health. Facing these circumstances, Shoichi Shirotake, an associate professor at the Yokohama City University School of Medicine (in 2011) invented antibacterial nanoparticles, a completely new system to kill bacteria by focusing on bacterial structure and replication processes.

What is the mechanism behind antibacterial nanoparticles?
First, Shirotake turned his attention to the cell walls and replication process of bacteria. The majority of bacteria have a cell wall that is equivalent to the human skeleton, serving the important function of maintaining the bacteria’s shape and preserving internal pressure and structure. Cell wall growth and destruction is part of the replication process.

Antibacterial nanoparticles take advantage of that function by attaching themselves to the cell wall. These nanoparticles are highly compatible with the cell wall’s surface layer of glycopeptides, adsorbing the area of attachment, and inhibiting wall synthesis. Cell wall growth continues in the unconjugated areas, causing unbalanced growth and leaving the cell unable to maintain internal pressure - the bacteria ruptures and digests itself (autolysis). This method utilizes the bacteria’s own growth process, so it doesn’t kill off slow-growing bacteria like beneficial gut flora.

Unlike the chemical behavior of conventional medicines, AUSIRO uses an effect of physics for sustainable performance without creating resistant bacteria. This long-lasting, biologically safe method has no secondary effects on plants or animals. In addition, this biodegradable formula will not accumulate in the environment or damage the ecosystem. Huge advantages like these are finally possible with antibacterial nanoparticles, a completely new category of antibacterial technology.

Schematic diagram of conjugation between nanoparticle and bacterial cell wall
Cross section of bacterial autolysis

After dedicating 12 years of investigation and research to finding a new bactericidal mechanism, the invention of antibacterial nanoparticles led Takeshiro to establish NanoCAME Co., Ltd. In 2011. He then retired from his university job and began to focus seriously on turning antibacterial nanoparticle technology into business. The Ministry of Education selected antibacterial nanoparticles for the 2012-2013 Program for Creating Start-Ups from Advanced Research and Technology (START Program) and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry sponsored NanoCAME as a Strategic Infrastructure Technology Sophisticated Support Business in 2012-2014. The business base plan was solidified in thanks to these support projects, allowing Shirotake to build awareness of his application for nanoparticles, and start to consider their potential for public health. Finally products were ready for release to the consumer market: the AUSIRO series of purification sprays.

The AUSIRO series concept is “Live Together With Nature.” These purification sprays remove and prevent bacteria and odors without harming humans, animals or plants, allowing for an environmentally friendly lifestyle that includes the safety of antibacterial technology. Effects of nanoparticles last for as long as 6 hours, meaning that an early morning body spritz of the AUSIRO series is still working at lunchtime. Even if the liquid is accidentally ingested, it is quite safe for people and animals, without causing any harmful effects to the human body. AUSIRO miniplus is one of the most popular items in the AUSIRO line, with a higher volume of antibacterial nanoparticles. Users can expect stronger antibacterial and deodorant effects, in a wide variety of possible applications. For example, users concerned about hygiene can spray or thoroughly rub onto their hands before eating, or before holding metro ring straps. Gardeners can even spray their favorite plants to protect them from bacterial diseases.

Currently, NanoCAME has reached the stage of offering online shopping for regular consumers. Social awareness of antibacterial purification is expected to increase across all fields. New manufacturing bases are already under consideration for expanding the NanoCAME product lines.
Big developments are expected in the advancement of antibacterial technology and the future of social safety and stability.

The AUSIRO series currently has 6 items, including the best-selling AUSIRO miniplus (2nd from the right)

Interview Date: September 20, 2018


company information

Our nanopolymer technology is designed to integrate bacteria with manufacturing to achieve a world where people and organisms can coexist. Since bacteria autolyze due to the physical action of nanopolymers and its own growing force, no resistant bacteria and side effects occur. Viruses deactivate, lose infectivity, and are decomposed in vivo or the soil, and are therefore not accumulated in body and will cause no environmental degradation.

company information

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