“OCULUS FINE” provides relief for eye fatigue and restores visual acuityRIHRIN Japan


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View of OCULUS FINE from different angles

Points to be noted

  • Product designed from the perspective of users to make it easy for use anywhere
  • Reliable quality with in-house design and production system

Many people suffer from eyesight problems such as myopia and presbyopia, or chronic eye fatigue due to excessive use of personal computers and smartphones. “OCULUS FINE” of Rihrin Japan Co., Ltd solves such problems of the eyes. This product is useful to recover from eye fatigue and improve visual acuity with the ultrasonic massage effect. Ultrasonic waves are elastic vibration waves (Sound waves) of high frequency that cannot be heard by humans.

Rihrin Japan Co., Ltd, a company engaged in the design and sales of medical equipment, has been manufacturing and selling ultrasonic therapy equipment from 2013. The writer spoke to President Fujita of the company to find out about the details of production.

President Fujita worked as a technician with an electric machine manufacturer, and in 2011, when the Great East Japan Great Earthquake occurred, he inherited the family business of household appliance stores. At that time, he along with the members of the technical team who had worked with him at the electric machine manufacturer thought that “Medical care is indispensable for revival”, and started Rihrin Japan Co., Ltd.
Though the ultrasonic eye treatment devices approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare have been available from around 50 years ago, President Fujita, along with the technical team members from his previous job designed their portable product “OCULUS FINE”, which can be used by anyone easily.
“OCULUS FINE” has also been approved by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (Class II), and features the approved technology “Micro massage technology (Multi-wave ultrasonic polymerization)”.

Ultrasonic therapy equipment “OCULUS FINE” is useful in relaxing the stiffness of eye muscles.
The eye structure needs to be described for explaining the principle of muscle relaxation. The crystalline lens of the eyes (Equivalent to the camera lens) becomes thicker when seeing objects that are close and thinner when seeing objects that are far. The ciliary muscles adjust the lens thickness.
Repeatedly adjusting the crystalline lens multiple times to see far away objects strains the ciliary muscles and it becomes stiff. Massaging the ciliary muscles by applying ultrasonic waves is effective in removing the stiffness.
The micro massage technology developed by the company has a mechanism that simultaneously generates two types of ultrasonic waves, 12 K vibrations/sec of 6 kHz reaching the deep parts and 24 K vibrations/sec of 12 kHz reaching the shallow parts of the eye. These two types of ultrasonic massage improve the blood flow and at the same time enhances the sensitivity of the retina. The sensitivity of the retina affects the way of seeing, suppresses false myopia, and alleviates the symptoms. This product can also be expected to provide relief from eyestrain and prevent deterioration of the accommodation function due to presbyopia.

To use the product, remove contact lens or spectacles, turn ON “OCULUS FINE”, lightly close both eyes and apply the product to one eyelid. President Fujita said that the product is more effective when used for the “Right and left” eye “Alternatively” every other day. The guideline is to use 10 minutes for one eye once a day.

It is a product designed for safety with an alarm that plays on completion of 5 minutes after the start and stops automatically at the end of 10 minutes by playing the alarm three times. One significant feature considered for usability is that the product can be held by hand without the user feeling tired. The position of the handle can be changed to 5 different positions, and the product is foldable and compact. The product is rechargeable and is designed to consume less power. When charged for 5 hours, it can be used for 30 sessions of 10 minutes each. The weight has been reduced by not using batteries. It is portable as a cord is not used. While the product is charging, a v at the back glows in red, and the lamp changes to green when the charge is full. A lamp above the switch glows in green to indicate that the product is functioning normally.

“OCULUS FINE” has a track record in the treatment of eyes, and they conduct sessions where customers can try the product to experience the effectiveness before buying.Besides, the company has started to sell relaxation massagers that are effective in relieving body strain and tension developed utilizing ultrasonic technology. The goal of the company is to realize a healthy and happy society with devices that are useful for self-care.

Interview Date: November 15, 2018


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To realize a healthy and happy society, Rihrin JAPAN brings health, comfort and relaxation through the application of technology of ultrasonic therapeutic instruments, and water ionizer technology.

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