Because it is an ordinary component, there is a significant opportunity
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"Screw" that supports manufacturing in every industry. While seemingly plain parts, "E-LOCK" series that the slight difference in performance creates a big difference explores the secret of "Loose"

Learnning Points

  • Attitude to turn into an offensive when in a difficult situation
  • Improvement efforts in areas where research has not advanced

Osaka Forming, which manufactures and processes loose lock nuts, blind nuts, various types of screws made of stainless steel, and particular forged products, has consistently supported manufacturing with high technical capabilities since its inception in 1971.

The "E-LOCK" series boasting a stable feeling of loosening prevention performance is one of our signage products. It is a feature that devises the shape of the friction ring (metal leaf spring) attached to the top of the nut and withstands repeated use. If it is a conventional product, once it is loosened, distortion has already occurred in the friction ring even when trying to retighten. In "E-LOCK" series, weak points were improved by using stainless steel material with high springiness. What is even more innovative is that the conventional product has three feathers in most of the rings. Thereby, the load applied to each wing is dispersed, and stable locking prevention function can be exerted.

E - LOCK NUT [ELHN 1 · ELHN 3] (Hexagon Nut Standard Type 1 Type, 2 Type, 3 Type)

Our keen interest in the development of the "E-LOCK" series was just after the bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers in 2008. While the manufacturing industry as a whole experienced a worldwide recession, its sales also declined. After feeling a sense of crisis, we dared to turn to an aggressive attitude, we started to move that "We will continue reborn as an autonomous manufacturer from a unsung hero" for the realization of the idea of three feathers that we had been curious from in the past.

What struggled was a development of marketing channels rather than development. It is an unexpectedly high hurdle to have customers who are satisfied with standard parts to try new products. Especially in the automobile industry where has strong channels with us, there is a tendency to emphasize safety from the standpoint of preserving people's lives. Even with one screw, it is not unusual to show a cautious posture to switch parts.

Initially, it was hard to talk with us, but as we frequented to the automotive parts manufacturers, our significant customers, it turned out that some of the engineers were not satisfied with conventional products. By tenaciously encouraging and using it for testing, we gradually gained evaluation. As a result, it was said that when evaluating the parts, the accuracy variations that frequently occurred in conventional products ceased, it acquired a high evaluation.

The history of screws is old. However, because it is a simple part that is too common, surprisingly significant improvement has not progressed. Research has not improved even in the world of academism, so it is hard to say that technical data is shared. It is precisely where we took an eye out. Because there is still room for improvement, significant business opportunities are sleeping. First of all, we would like to expand sales channels to other industries further.

  • It is a place where the possibility of loosening is high, vibration is likely to occur, that the locking nut exerts its power. It is used in all scenes including construction and civil engineering fields, vehicles such as automobiles and motorcycles. Many consumers are supposed to be supported by the screws made by Osaka Forming without noticing it. Although it is plain at first sight, loosening of one bolt can lead to a significant accident. There will be no more critical parts to protect people's safety. We would like to expect further improvement.

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Manufacuturer of lock nut, blind nut, stainless forging products in Osaka. Other than iron, we can treat various materials like carbon steel, stainless, titanium, aluminum using our high technology.

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