"Sky Watcher 1000XR" combining drones and airships
It has made it possible to fly for about 1 monthKOTEC


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Achieve a maximum of 1 month's flight with trial & error. "Sky Watcher 1000XR" combining drones and airships

Learnning Points

  • Flexible idea to combine airships with drones
  • Challenge a spirit that keeps constantly aware of upgrades

Drone and other unmanned aerial vehicles are in the limelight and are now being used in business scenes. The Pollution Engineering Center developing environment measurement certification business etc. for the purpose of protecting the global environment, developed the aircraft "Sky Watcher 1000XR" which overcomes the weak point of conventional drones which is short-term flying due to battery problems as common sense. Today, we are conducting a test as mooring type, and we are working on utilization under various circumstances, such as an investigation of forest conditions for a long time and monitoring for disaster support.

"Sky Watcher 1000XR" is a flying body that combines an airship and a drone using helium gas as the driving force for floating. With conventional drones alone, because of the limited capacity of the battery, there was a limit to the flight for a long time, but the pollution technology center solved the problem by combining an airship that plays a role in the drones floating. We realized stably fixed point observation for a long time. By doing this, it is now possible to collect time series data by long-term observation instead of cutting off the moment. Also, it is characteristic of "Sky Watcher 1000XR" that data analysis using AI can be performed. For example, if the Aircraft is shooting before and after an avalanche on a snowy mountain, you can say that AI can analyze and digitize the image data and predict the occurrence of a future avalanche, etc. In the future, It seems that attention will be focused on utilization. In addition, it also features a "headlock system" that can control the body such as locking in a specific direction, improving the accuracy of long-term fixed point observation.

"Head lock system" which exerts its power in fixed point observation

"Sky Watcher 1000XR" revamped its volume in 2017, than the predecessor "Sky Watcher 1000X". The buoyancy is increased, and the previous model, the limit load weight, improved from 1.5 kg to 2 kg because of this change. Depending on the load, fixed point observation became possible about one month at the maximum. It is difficult to adjust the optimum balance of buoyancy and load weight to realize stable flight, and repeatedly tested increase and decrease in grams while repeatedly interacting with cooperating companies outside the prefecture, who are in charge of adjusting the drone part. Mr. Yuki Otsuki of the Environment Development Center tells the struggle that it was hard to find the "zero point" of the ratio of helium gas and load weight, which is indispensable for the stable duration.

Currently what we are thinking is the self-generated power of the drone itself. If the in-house power generation function is provided, various concerns accompanying the battery are solved, leading to a significant increase in flight time. With a trial & error that does not allow compromise, we aim to evolve further "Sky Watchers".

  • If our technology combining airships and drone penetrates, future use will be extended beyond environmental surveys to various scenes such as entertainment. We have an idea that the drone to depart and arrive in the air as the airship is a mother ship and in the future, more attention will be gained from all fields to the possibilities of the drone.

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The use of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) for surveying, ecosystem investigation, inspection, disaster etc. is rapidly progressing. We have been promoting collaborative research and technology development for UAV that has made it possible that aircraft capable of doing no sudden crash (safety), correspondence by application (functionality), long-term fixed point observation (flight time) . Those who are interested, we would like you to stop by our booth.

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