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Maintenance-free baking finish that is strong against scratches and dirt "Zero Clear" is also adopted for the walls of public transportation in Tokyo

Learnning Points

  • A business spirit with confidence in a steady way
  • Overseas deployment skill making full use of merchandising merit

Cleanliness is an essential element that affects the impression of people. People feel comfortable if there is a feeling of purity and feel adverse to the atmosphere if you feel unclean. How can we keep cleanliness while suppressing human costs, against this problem? GOGOH found a solution by providing a baking finish that is hard to scratch and can quickly remove dirt by merely running water "Zero Clear" against this problem which many companies have.

"Zero Clear" is also strong against scale, which can be done after shedding by draining water. The contact angle as close as possible to zero (angle of water on the surface of the coating film) exerts the antifouling effect due to its super hydrophobicity. As for the surface hardness of the paint film, 9H which achieves the highest hardness with a pencil hardness representing hardness at 6 B to 9 H is realized. If the painting of automobiles is expressed by pencil hardness, it is easy to imagine that the hardness of 9H is difficult to scratch, as it is generally 1 H to 2 H.

7-year-long steady sales triggered the expansion of sales channels to many people

"Zero Clear" was adopted for the first time in metal western food dishes in 2004 and has repeatedly adopted in various fields such as automobile parts, eating out chains and so on. By adopting it in the washing machine of a major home electronics manufacturer in 2013, the recognition of "Zero Clear" has greatly improved. Mr. Koji Ogawa, CEO of the company, said that it was a steady business that spanned seven years that became the trigger. Starting with the adoption of the high-end model of washing machine, spreading adoption achievement steadily to middle, entry model, the fact that the company name, registered trademark was posted in the catalog of the washing machine dramatically increased its name recognition, and in 2016 it was adopted for the painting work of the smoking place in front of Hachiko which is the symbol of Shibuya, Tokyo. When this was taken up on television, it became a further initiator, leading to employment at the station walls, aisles, stairs, etc. of public transportation such as Tokyo Metro, Metropolitan Subway, and JR.

If it rains the wall will become beautiful

Mr. Ogawa analyzes "It is the result of recognition that the merit that maintenance is almost unnecessary" which is the reason why "Zero Clear" has begun to be adopted in public places.

Even if pedestrian watches and suitcases collide with building materials painted with "Zero Clear", it is difficult to scratch the surface. Furthermore, because it is super hydrophilic, even if it is scribbled with oily substances, it becomes beautiful only with water. also, it will become beautiful if it rains. Since the useful life of "Zero Clear" in the building materials field has been subject to semi-permanent certification evaluation in the test at S. B. RESEARCH Co., it is possible to reduce the cleaning cost significantly by using it for buildings and the like.

"Zero clear" is attracting attention not only in Japan but also overseas. The company intends to expand abroad with China as a foothold using fabless development that does not make factories in the form of technology investment.

  • In addition to the viewpoint that" the cleaning cost can be reduced due to the rain it is possible to reduce fatal accidents in the building cleaning by using "Zero Clear".
    In addition, not only in the construction industry, "Zero Clear" can be utilized even in the vicinity of life, such as dishes and kitchens where cleanliness is regarded as important.

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