Easy and smooth skill transfer. “Edu series”, a software for preparing contents and support trainingCreation Design Inc.


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The software has been developed with feedback from users to solve the problems of preparing and using work manuals.

Points to be noted

  • Propose total solutions for skill transfer
  • Seek operability that can be used effortlessly anywhere and by anyone
  • Strengthen product lineup through continued improvements according to user needs

Transfer of technology and know-how to the next generation, a problem currently faced by most industries. Due to insufficient human resources, many industries might be considering effective short-term training to develop skilled resources. Creation Design Inc. develops and sells the package software “Edu series” to solve the problems related to “Technology and skills transfer” in such industries. Using this software makes it easy to prepare electronic video manuals and analyze work.

Basically, in manufacturing industries, work manuals for the sites are prepared based on ISO regulations. In recent years, videos are also prepared using commercial editing software in addition to text and photographs, and the burden has increased on personnel who are required to prepare the manuals along with their regular work. Also, manuals created with significant effort are not used effectively in most cases.

“Edu series” offers a total solution for such problems of preparing and using manuals. Video manuals with voice recording can be prepared and used effectively with four software's, “Edu Multi Capture (Image recording software)”, “Edu Note (Editing software)”, “Edu Multi Player (Activity analysis software)” and “Bize Book (Software for creating eBook with video)”.

Users can use the four software's for “Photographing”, “Editing”, “Analysis’ and “Application”. These can be purchased separately.

The software's provide operability that can be easily used by any user. For example, “Edu Multi Capture (Image recording software)” allows line of sight, gestures, and hand movements of operators to be captured as videos on multiple screens at the same time. The captured videos can be edited using “Edu Note (Editing software)”, and instructions can be manually written on the screen using a touch pen, and even audio descriptions can be added. With a bold design that retains the analog feeling, videos can be prepared to convey perception and skills of the work site, detailed movements of experts that cannot be expressed with only words, and used just like undergoing a complete On the Job Training (OJT).

“Edu Multi Capture”, image recording software. Enables users to simultaneously film the work of operators from various angles and thus helps to transfer information more easily.
“Edu Note”, Editing software. Enables users to add manual instructions on the screen or description audio. This enables intuitive usage by users who are not experienced in preparing videos.

If video manuals that have been prepared with difficulty cannot be used as they are not easy to trace when required, then the manuals will be of no use. Such information can be easily traced in eBooks prepared by “Bize Book (software for creating eBook with video)”. Users can convert existing manuals created in Word or Excel to eBooks and paste the links of related videos in a page, to quickly create a simple manual containing text, photographs, and videos. By storing data in the company server, it can be browsed using a browser from any location in the company. This software enables providing smooth support even in locations where users other than the person responsible have to implement the work quickly.

Software for creating eBook with video “Bize Book”. Enables users to convert manuals to eBook and create a library. Dedicated software is required only to prepare the manuals, which can be viewed with any browser. The software could be used only on the Windows platform up to now, and they are planning to release an improved product that will work on other operating systems.

“Edu Multi Player (activity analysis software)” from the same series enables users to use videos for checking the level to which personnel can perform the work, and display the technical level graphically which is also useful for actual training. In this way, reducing the effort required for manual editing or training of resources is considered to be of significant help for industries with insufficient personnel.

Activity analysis software “Edu Multi Player”. It is useful to enhance the production efficiency or technical capabilities, by displaying images on a maximum of 16 screens and for converting the time taken for performing the tasks to graphs.

In the beginning, the company mainly developed and sold simulation software for machine tools, and they started with the development of this series due to the “2007 problem” during which many people of the baby boom generation reached the mandatory retirement age. Through each of these is existing technology, the company continuously upgraded the products and made additions to the series by pursuing usability while understanding the demands of the manufacturing sites. In addition to the 4 software's’ introduced, they also have products such as “Edu NET (Real-time technology guidance and support software)” that can provide technical guidance or support in remote locations both in Japan and overseas.

In the future, they want their systems to be used for technical guidance and research training in medical and nursing fields, in addition to the manufacturing industry. They also have plans to take up challenges to solve new problems for improving productivity, such as the development of “Production simulator” that improves work efficiency inside the factory.
Shortage of manpower and retaining experts is a major problem for all industries. They expect that “Edu series” from the company will assist in improving the productivity of many industries.

Interview Date: February 1, 2019


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Over the last 10 years, we have offered packaged software that facilitates field skill transfer and the creation of video instruction manuals for manufacturers.
Based on such technologies, we serve wide-ranging customers from major manufacturers to SMEs
with a particular focus on how to make information more comprehensible.

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