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Acquiring new customers in Tokyo is also a benefit of the exhibition. An important exhibition to meet customers from other industrial sectorsTOTOKU MAKISEN Co.,Ltd



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Litz wire is manufactured by twisting multiple coated wires into cables, and is used for applications requiring flexibility and high frequency

Totoku Makisen Co., Ltd, located at Ueda, Nagano Prefecture, started operations with the manufacture of Litz and braided wires in 1956. Since the company was established, they have continuously supported “Manufacturing” by working together with customers while expanding the business from processing of various coils and harness to assembling of electronic equipment. The company is actively implementing different initiatives to enter new fields from 2017, based on their flexible design development capabilities, integrated production facility from prototype manufacturing to mass production, and unique technologies and experience nurtured with many years of experience.
They started participating in the exhibition to promote their company as an electric wire processing company specialized in “Braiding, Winding, and Twisting”. Though the company displayed their products at 6 exhibitions in 2017, the New Value Creation Exhibition was their first exhibition in Tokyo. Participation at the New Value Creation Exhibition has improved motivation of their employees.
We interviewed Yutaka Honda, CEO of the company and Tsukasa Katsumura, Manager of the Sales Division.

Litz wire manufacturing facility of the company

What was the reason for your participation in the New Value Creation Exhibition?
The sales department considered various ways to approach companies for developing new business opportunities and came up with the opinion to “Participate in the New Value Creation Exhibition for new business opportunities”. The exhibition has the advantage that customers who are interested in our business can directly visit our booth, and we considered that it will be a good opportunity for developing new business.
We had heard that the New Value Creation Exhibition is the place to “Exhibit the technology of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises”. We decided to participate in the New Value Creation Exhibition as our company located in Ueda City, Nagano Prefecture could possibly acquire new customers in Tokyo.

What were the benefits of participating in the New Value Creation Exhibition?
During the exhibition, we introduced the technology, “Twisting Litz wire into a coil”, using our products that were on display. We received an inquiry for non-contact power supply from a customer who saw the technology. We are continuing to manufacture the prototype.
We received many inquiries including this prototype. Having received a high rating, we plan to provide continuous support for commercialization of the product.
During the 2017 exhibition, customers from different types of new industries had inquired if we can introduce “Twisting” technology for aluminum and fibers instead of copper that is usually used in our company.

How was the reaction of visitors at the New Value Creation Exhibition?
We realized that different industries participate at the New Value Creation Exhibition, and various manufacturers visit the exhibition. It was a really good opportunity for us as many manufacturers visited our booth.
One of the customers from the unrelated accessory industry was interested in our “Twisting” technology and we felt that customers from different fields were visiting the exhibition.

Did you pay attention to any points or take measures for participating in the exhibition?
For the exhibition, we changed our logo in 2017, to a design in orange color for incorporating the image of a copper wire. I felt this orange color was eye-catching and effective. I believe that visitors used this logo as a sign at the venue.
Earlier we used to be very nervous while standing at the booth, but now we have gained experience from various exhibitions and proactively talk to all visitors with a smile. We make sure that we talk attentively to the visitors in a relaxed manner so that they do not feel that they have met us for the first time at the exhibition.
It is important to meet the customers again, whom we have met at the exhibition, and we strive to follow up with the customers after the exhibition. The customer requirements cannot be completely understood with just the discussions at the exhibition site. We think that it is important to make use of the leads from the exhibition and contact the customers again to find out their actual requirements.

What are your plans for future development?
Our company manufactures products that are used in various industries irrespective of the domain. We are hoping to expand our business to the robotics and medical industry in future. The New Value Creation Exhibition is an important place where we can meet customers from other industries, and we look forward to more such opportunities in the future.

Yutaka Honda, CEO is on the right and Tsukasa Katsumura, Manager of the Sales Division is on the left

Interview Date: October 31, 2018

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