Adsorbs and Decomposes Pollens and Viruses While Achieving Lighting that Matches the SceneSHIMADA CO.,LTD.


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Equipped with antibacterial and anti-viral filters. While having a wide variety of lighting features, it is space-saving.

Product Name = LED Lighting Ceiling-mounted Air Purifier “L&Air (L and Air)”

Addressing Pollen, Viruses, Bacteria, PM2.5, Unpleasant Odors, and Smoke

The need for infectious disease control is greater than ever for all business operators, regardless of industry. As an option to address infectious disease control, the LED lighting ceiling-mounted air purifier “L&Air (L and Air)” developed by SHIMADA, a contract manufacturer of air-conditioning equipment for medical applications, is generating a lot of attention.

“L and Air” is equipped with a “pre-filter” that catches dust, etc., a unique “earthplus HEPA Filter” that absorbs and decomposes pollen, viruses, bacteria, PM2.5, etc., and a “highly functional activated carbon filter” that has a deodorizing effect. With this three-layered filter structure, the product removes airborne substances from the air.

As lighting equipment, it offers 10 levels of color adjustment and 20 levels of brightness adjustment. While enabling scene-specific spatial presentation, it achieves air cleaning and deodorization with antibacterial and antiviral filters. In addition to the normal mode, it also has a turbo function that can be used to reset the air in the room in a short time.

A Ceiling-mounted Model that Achieves Efficient Dust Collection and Space-saving

The cornerstone of the product's anti-virus performance is the company's proprietary "earthplus HEPA filter." It is made by coating a HEPA filter that captures 99.97% of particles of 0.3 μm (1 μm = 0.001 mm) or larger with "earthplus" (developed by Shinshu Ceramics Co., Ltd.), a patented ceramic composite functional material that has been recognized by a German research institute as having excellent antibacterial properties.

The product's concept, "lighting + air purifier function," has also been patented. This concept has many advantages. The first advantage is that by purifying air from the ceiling while working as lighting equipment, it can collect tiny dust and aerosols in the air more efficiently than a typical floor-type air purifier. The second advantage is that it will not take in dust or other objects on the floor as it is installed on the ceiling, so the filters’ life will be longer than floor-type air purifiers. Obviously, it does not require installation space on the floor and does not obstruct traffic when installed in a room with space constraints.

Being used at medical settings, stores, and offices

Since its launch in January 2020, this product, which can be expected to provide full-fledged air-cleaning performance while working as lighting equipment, has been installed in a variety of places where people gather, such as corporate offices, offices and branches of financial institutions, car dealers, restaurants, cram schools, nurseries, and general houses. Above all, many hospitals, pharmacies, and other medical settings, where sick people come and go, have adopted this product. The company has also heard that hay fever symptoms have been relieved at some installation locations and that drawing attention to the product has helped to reassure customers at stores, etc.

In the wake of the air pollution problem caused by PM2.5, SHIMADA completed this product taking advantage of its long-cultivated know-how in precision sheet metal and wiring assembly techniques and development designing air-conditioning equipment, before the need for countermeasures against infectious diseases increased. The company intends to continue to enhance its products and portfolio while incorporating feedback from customers.

Coverage date October 14, 2020

Company Overview


SHIMADA is a manufacturer that engages in designing, parts machining, and product assembly of air-conditioning equipment, designing and manufacturing precision-press sheet metal parts, and developing and manufacturing the products it has developed in-house. The company was established in 1973. In its air-conditioning equipment business, the company has testing and repair equipment in its factory. As for the precision sheet metal processing business, the company has introduced new equipment such as fiber laser complex processors earlier than others.

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