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A decorative building material "Ardeco" decorates the beautiful cityscape and safety.interdecom Co.,Ltd


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Compared to traditional building materials (FRP, GRC and others) no metal mold is required and low cost. Decorative building material "Ardeco" that can express various designs and textures. It is also safe against earthquakes.


  • Overcoming the disadvantage as a decorative material.
  • Change the negative image and produce achievements.
  • From subcontracting ideas to cooperative ideas.Concentrate on business and expand business performance.

Reviewing from material and overcome the disadvantage of conventional decorative materials.

Decorative materials that affect the image of the whole building. Conventionally, stone, concrete are often used as the base material, and due to the weight there was a problem that the safety at the time of a disaster and the repair cost are high. In addition, heavy machinery is often required for construction, and human resources and manpower required for construction were also high. "Ardeco", our decorative building material was the one that solved this problem.

About 20 years and more ago from today, An old friend of architect of current representative received a consultation from the supplier at that time, "Since a major family-restaurant develops chains, I want you to find building materials which reduce costs" . This was the start. In order to find unknown building materials, the architect who flew to Australia, encountered the building material which becomes a hint of "Ardeco" there, and as a result of developing it independently, it was able to produce a new decorative building material ,"Ardeco".

Ardeco is based on EPS (foamed polystyrene) which is also used for heat insulation. Since EPS is contains 97% to 98% of air in the volume, it is lightweight and will not strain the building itself. Easy to carry, efficient construction is possible. Unlike traditional and conventional building materials (FRP, GRC), molds are unnecessary because they are cut directly with heat rays of special machines. Moreover, because processing is simple, low cost is possible despite full order maid. By applying the interdecom original coating material,"Nef", on the surface, durability gets high, and quality can be secured for a long period. From these characteristics, high quality, simple construction, low cost is realized. Therefore, the quality of "Ardeco" is trusted and adopted by many clients.

Light and durable decorative material Ardeco is used. The above is a case example to the event hall.

Sweep away the negative images.

However, it required a quite a time for Ardeco to be accepted in the market.Representative, Mr. Matsuzaka looks back on the way it has been. "In the past, the understanding of EPS was low and the image was not really so good. It is also true that there were many customers who felt uneasy about durability and strength. If you hear" foam polystyrene ", can you use it in architecture?" Ardeco never failed even during the Great East Japan Earthquake. As a result of continuing to expand, sales with grassroots with these reality as a weapon, we now have over 3,000 construction records. Recently, durability and cost aspect have been evaluated, and there are requests from all clients such as hospitals, public facilities, and bridal facilities.

From subcontract to collaboration. Focus on business and produce results.

There are other reasons why the company's performance is favorable. The achievement has been appraised, and cooperation with the design office which previously consulted for affiliation began to be successful. "We used to provide a sales business to a construction company in the past but are almost not doing it now, the internal technical department is dealing with customers in addition to a couple of full-time sales staff . Because there is a request for a big project from the design office of the company, the performance is also stable". Mr. Nakazato, creative director of the company, says,

In competing decorative materials, the coating on the surface is blown with a lot of resin, and when it dries it may peel off the surface. Also, decorative materials that use stone or concrete-like base materials, once broken, will require extensive repair. Meanwhile, even though the company's Ardeco will be damaged, it is only partially repaired, and because it is lightweight, the risk of a fall accident is extremely low. Since it can be done manually, it is possible to cut overwhelmingly both work man-hour and cost. Once the image of EPS was forced to struggle in earlier times, many companies that introduced Ardeco now realize its merit and convenience.

"New customers are important, but I want to cherish existing customers as well," Mr. Matsuzaka said.

The penetration of the decorative building material "Ardeco" will lead to not only the landscape but also the fall of the decorative material accident due to the earthquake disaster, which will lead to the branding of the recruited company. In addition, the merit of working efficiency with the product that combines light weight and durability can be expected further demand, for example, by shortening the repair period and renewing shops such as hotels and restaurants that require it.

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We carry out everything from the manufacturing to sales of ARDECO, an EPS decoration construction material. ARDECO is a lightweight decoration construction material that is suitable for use on building exteriors resistant against UV rays, etc. Furthermore, we can customize the size and design of the material according to the building, because we have an in-house design division and design department. We help you create unique buildings that give shape to the hopes and wishes of designers and owners.

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