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Visualization of real-time data simply by connecting a tablet system to production equipment

Product Name = PowerAndon

Easily implement IoT at factories and achieve high productivity

Many production sites are suffering from labor shortages. In response, EXPERTGIG Co., Ltd. created PowerAndon*, a product for easy implementation of IoT at factories and real-time visualization of on-site conditions for factory equipment.

PowerAndon consists of three components: a tablet system, a bulletin board system, and an aggregation system. Connecting the tablet system to a production facility enables real-time aggregation of all data such as operating status, production status, and defect information. This makes it possible to ascertain the current on-site conditions on a large monitor in the factory or at computers used by managers.
*Andon: A status reporting system for notification and visualization of abnormalities (product abnormalities, work delays, etc.) on factory production lines. Andon is one of the elements of the Toyota Production System.

Collect actual results of work orders. Enable acquisition of data from old production equipment

PowerAndon has two main strengths. The first strength is the collection of actual results of work orders. A simple method for managing operation time is to collect only data showing when production equipment is turned on and off. However, although this method indicates the time when production equipment is stopped, it does not show why the equipment was stopped. PowerAndon collects basic information on who worked on which production equipment based on what kind of work instructions. This enables visualization of problems with personnel, production facilities, and materials, and makes it possible to implement improvement activities once the cause has been identified.

The second strength is that even old production equipment can be connected and data can be acquired. Many SME manufacturers expressed concerns like the following: "We want to acquire data from production equipment...is that possible with our company's older facilities?" In response to these needs, an interface that can directly connect digital and analog signals is installed as a mechanism for connection with old production equipment. Data can also be acquired from PLCs, relays, and external sensors.

Customized production by touring manufacturing facilities and holding interviews

PowerAndon has been selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for the IT Implementation Subsidy 2019. This means that subsidies can now be used when the product is implemented by SMEs. During the implementation process, EXPERTGIG tours the on-site manufacturing facilities, and conducts interviews on preferences for data collection methods and data visualization. Afterwards, the company submits specific proposals and estimates according to each factory operation. EXPERTGIG also accepts factory tours and can provide reference on actual operation methods.

EXPERTGIG has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from companies that have implemented PowerAndon: "When discussing matters at periodic meetings, having actual data enables us to talk about concrete improvement activities." "Implementing PowerAndon has enabled us to provide evidence to our customers."

As labor shortages increase, IoT is essential for improving the efficiency of factories. Under such circumstances, there are great expectations for PowerAndon.

Coverage date January 14, 2020


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EXPERTGIG Co., Ltd. was established in 1999. The company's main business activities include IoT system development, business system development, WEB system development, smartphone and tablet application development, and offshore development. EXPERTGIG also designs and develops production equipment, builds production lines, and designs and develops software that is used in mass production plants for automobile parts at their group companies.

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