“LockOne” fastener that prevents loosening has passed the American Aerospace Standard 30,000 cycle vibration testSANKO Co.,Ltd


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These fasteners have high service life and can be used for new bolts, existing bolts, and supports repetitive use, and contribute to reducing costs

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  • Towards collaborative research with planning ability. Development of new products
  • Ability to perform numerous vibration tests, etc. and PR power to digitize and publicize the performance
Registered trademark of LockOne designed by the employees of Sanko

Bolts are indispensable for connecting objects ranging from small components such as those of smartphones and digital appliances to automobiles and shipbuilding as well as huge structures such as buildings and bridges. Since possibility of severe accidents and losses such as falling off or damage to the fastened objects is high once the bolts loosen, development of bolts and tightening methods that do not loosen has advanced.
There are many causes for the loosening of bolts, among which the biggest enemy is vibration. However, in many environments such as that of machine tools, automobiles, and roads where bolts are used, vibrations cannot be isolated. Previously, the problem of loosening was addressed using double nuts and spring washers for bolts, and in recent times, bolts that prevent loosening have seen an increase.

The company used to sell “Hyper load nuts” etc. provided with springs that change shape in the radially outward and axial directions when bolts are fitted and firmly tighten to prevent loosening. However, users required bolts that were even more effective in preventing loosening, or components that can be installed later with the objective of reinforcing the existing bolts, and “LockOne” was developed jointly with the manufacturers.

The most significant feature of “LockOne” is its durability to vibration. “LockOne” fasteners completed 30,000 vibration cycles when tested using the impact vibration testing equipment compliant with NAS3350 (National Aerospace Standard) of the American Aerospace Standard. Though conducted control experiments were conducted with locknuts from other companies, “LockOne” was the only fastener that was able to withstand 30,000 cycles of vibration without falling out.

Moreover, the nut has a distinctive structure. “LockOne” is a spring that can installed on any nut. A strong fastening force is produced both in the axial and radial directions over the entire spring length.

“LockOne” - Mechanism to prevent loosening

The fastener structure is such that it can be used for new construction as well as to reinforce existing nuts during maintenance and inspection. No special tools are required for installation and removal, and manual installation is also possible. For users, superiority in terms of operability and usability is high.
Even in salt spray experiments, nuts manufactured using stainless steel have been verified to be rust proof. Plated layer of the bolt does not peel off, and deterioration over time was almost not observed in various endurance tests. Even if the fastener has been removed, it can be reused for fastening. Above all, “LockOne” is cheaper than loosening prevention bolts of other companies, has a long service life, and is excellent in cost performance.

“LockOne” can be used irrespective of the industrial sector, and especially, there is an increase in demand related to highways. After the ceiling board collapse accident occurred at the Sasako tunnel on the Central Expressway in February 2013, awareness of risks increased, and work is now in progress to reinforce lighting fixtures in the tunnels with “LockOne”.
In the future, we look forward to expanding our sales channels to various other fields such as machine tools, etc. In addition, the safety of “LockOne” that can withstand long-term use has been recognized, and we will continue to strive to build fasteners with long-lasting reliability so that they can be reused during equipment renewal in the future.

Interview Date: July 12, 2018

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Since our founding, we have dealt directly with customers, refining our \trading company capability,\ and we have focused on metal cutting, pressing and forging to build our \manufacturer capability,\ which has made us into a company that can meet our customers' need since we have both capabilities. Among our products is LOCK ONE, which was jointly developed with a manufacturer. This revolutionary product is used faithfully by our customers since it solves loosening and falling problems.

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