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G-MAG: The World’s First Glass Wool Compound Technology
International Patents & Fabless Business GrowthNanodax Co.,Ltd


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Glass wool is composed of soft, short glass fibers measuring 3-4μm


  • Posses intellectual property rights to continue commercialization after joint development with a major manufacturer
  • Invent G-MAG: the world’s first glass wool compound technology & obtain domestic and international patents
  • Commission manufacturing to joint development partner companies for fabless business growth

Joint development with major foreign glass manufacturer & independent patent filing and product commercialization

Since 2007, Nanodax Co., Ltd. has partnered with a major foreign glass manufacturer to develop high performance glass wool products and expand its market reach. In 2013, Nanodax independently filed a patent, and proceeded to commercialize products on its own. This research led to the creation of a hot feeder for auxiliary materials, allowing production of the world’s first glass wool kneaded compound and the successful invention of pelletization technology. Nanodax has also obtained patents for its G-MAG glass wool kneaded compound technology in the United States, China, South Korea and Taiwan. New business opportunities are plentiful as this new technology becomes available in both domestic and international markets.

Upcycling to Help the Environment

Glass wool is is known for its effectiveness in thermal insulation, sound insulation, and heat retention. It is already used in many products including heat insulation and retention materials and vacuum insulation materials for refrigerators. Until now, glass wool was disposed of waste matter after use, but G-MAG glass wool compound technology finally makes it possible to upcycle glass wool. Nanodax’s technology can reduce waste and use resources effectively to advance global environmental awareness and contribute to the sustainable development goals (SDGs) set by the United Nations.

New Technology Patents & Fabless Business Growth

Armed with the patent for this pioneering technology, Nanodax is continuing basic development, while its collaborative business partners are handling specialized R&D and trial production. All manufacturing is commissioned to partner companies, allowing Nanodax to expand its business without having its own factory. This fabless arrangement is one of Nanodax’s unique strengths.

Amazing G-MAG glass wool compound technology

Glass wool can be kneaded into the compound when molding with polypropylene (PP) or high density polyethylene (HDPE) to increase resistance against warping and shrinkage. These improvements are expected to help reduce time spent on adjusting and repairing items after they are removed from the mold. Likewise, an increase in product yield will also lead to reduced numbers of defective items. Furthermore, because glass wool increases material strength, it will become possible to make thinner shells and reduce item weight.

Another amazing benefit of glass fibers is a potential solution to a big problem.
Glass wool is particularly beneficial in molding plastics like polybutylene terephthalate (PBT) and polyetherimide (PEI). Extremely thin areas of the shell are often lacking adequate glass fibers, but the even finer composition of glass wool can be distributed evenly throughout every area of the product. This increases the overall strength of the material, and the high pressure molding process demonstrates excellent molding ability for products with high defect rates. These same benefits may also be applicable to improving accuracy in molding thin items and precision products. Glass wool compound can reach areas that glass fiber doesn’t, leading to solutions for various problems.

Advancing product development through a wide source of knowledge

Nanodax has a wide source of intellectual input to further improve its technological development capacity, including an academic-industrial partnership with Yamagata University, participation in the Program on Open Innovation Platform with Enterprises, Research Institute and Academia (OPERA) and technical evaluation consultation by the Nagoya Municipal Industrial Research Institute.

These projects are reflected in recent advances in new product development using G-MAG glass wool compound technology.
One new product is 3Dmagic, a filament for 3D printing. This filament material is the first in the world to blend glass wool with polypropyne for 3D printing of orthopedic casts and prosthetic limb sockets. Currently, this technology is already used in clinical trials at 2 hospitals in South Korea.3Dmagic is also supporting part of Yume Project in Cambodia by providing prosthetic limbs and other assistive devices.
Another product worth mentioning is ecomaru, a cleaning tool for plastic molds. This unique detergent is the first in the world to include glass wool, allowing thorough cleaning of equipment without damaging the surface. Ecomaru will benefit companies who are trying to be more environmentally friendly, and companies that are dissatisfied with surface damaged caused by glass fiber detergents.

Prosthetic legs and assistive devices made using 3Dmagic filament for 3D printers
Participating in the Yume Project in Cambodia by providing prosthetic limbs and assistive devices

Director of Development Toshiaki Fukuyama explains, “South Korea and Cambodia have a higher demand for prosthetic limbs and assistive devices than Japan.” Applications for glass wool technology are expected to expand into uncharted fields. Soon G-MAG glass wool compound technology may lead to common application of glass wool in our lives.

Interview Date: October 23, 2018

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We have developed a technology for kneading (compounding) glass wool as a resin reinforcing filler for the first time in the world. Please consider it as a material for your new product development. By applying this technology "PPGW (with polypropylene glass wool) 3D printer filament" and "Cleaning agent for plastic molding machine" have been commercialized.

company information

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