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Compared to the conventional Expanded Polystyrene, the bending strength is about 6 times · the compressive strength is about 3 times. By applying a special laminate film to the surface material, the cross section is strengthened. (Comparison to JIS A 9521 bead method polystyrene foam insulation No.1 product)

Learnning Points

  • By thinking from a different angle, increase the quality of products dramatically.
  • Expansion of product usage beyond the fields in strength and performance improvement.

General Styrofoam is prepared by placing the raw material in a metal mold, heating it, cooling it, and molding it. Because it expands to about 60 times as much as the raw material, a very light product can be produced, but the strength and the durability are limited accordingly.

Hence, in order to solve this problem, Comfortform company's composite light-weight insulation resin board adjusts the density from high density (hard) to medium density (soft) by changing the expansion ratio which made it possible to increase the strength. In addition, by applying a special laminate film to the surface material, cross section strengthening is realized. Compared to the conventional foamed polystyrene, the flexural strength is about 6 times higher, and the compressive strength is increased about 3 times more. The thickness is also 20 to 30 mm in volume. It succeeded in combining both the strength which could not be achieved with foam polystyrene until now, and the lightness due to foaming properties.

In addition to using the injection method (* 1), Styrofoam uses the same extrusion method as before, but the company utilizes the extrusion molding technology (* 2) and heat lamination technology, which are the first in the industry for styrene foam industry. Developed over 3 years based on proprietary technology, such as raising the strength of the machine and devising how to put the ingredients in order to get the steam well. Succeeded in a new manufacturing method that efficiently heats and cools with less energy while extruding raw materials with a machine without using a mold.

For individual needs according to the application, it can be customized by changing the material of the special film. By increasing the bending strength and the compressive strength, the base of the field where products can be utilized more than ever expands.

* 1 Injection manufacturing method: a method of injecting material into a mold.
* 2 Extrusion molding technology: Technology for extruding materials from molds with product shapes.

  • Because of the characteristics of Styrofoam, it is light so that easy to process, and it can be combined with buildings and household goods, for example, temporary housing at the time of the disaster and furniture of new ideas. Since the cost is low, favorable conditions for being popular are available. Even materials that had been a supporting role till present could create possibilities to turn into a leading role by advancing technology one step further.

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We are a company mainly engaged in development and sales of EPS (polystyrene foam) products. Aiming for further development, we are also working on the development of new technologies and materials. Also, we support large molded parts and insert molded parts, and we can supply products that meet customer needs.

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