Automated visual inspection at manufacturing sites to solve labor shortages and accuracy issuesAdD Co.,Ltd


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Various inspections for appearance, color, character reading, defects, damage, and dimensions are performed simultaneously.

Product name = Image processing inspection system "iVision"

Automated visual inspection of products

Labor shortages are a serious issue facing Japan as a whole. This kind of working environment can also lead to a vicious cycle of increasing mistakes by exhausted staff.

The PC-based image processing inspection system iVision developed by AdD automates visual inspections at manufacturing sites. Various inspections for appearance, color, character reading, defects, damage, and dimensions are performed simultaneously.

For example, it can be incorporated into the production line to build a system that removes from the line inspection items that fail.

iVision is unique for its flexible customization according to the type of inspection item, such as metal, resin, food, medicine, and other processed products. In addition to reducing costs by narrowing down the required equipment, its short delivery times are also attractive, at about one month from the order.

High-accuracy inspection of differences between non-defective product images and inspection items

Inspection involves comparing the inspection item captured with a camera with a non-defective product image added in advance and alerting you if there is a difference. iVision is PC-operated, the inspection results are stored as data, and the history can be checked later, ensuring traceability.

The company has created a special inspection system for individual situations, utilizing the high-accuracy image processing library "HALCON," selecting cameras and lighting suited to the inspection item and inspection environment, and building the necessary inspection logic. To date, it has been adopted at various processed product manufacturers in various sectors such as metal parts, resin parts, nonwoven fabric, cardboard, clothing, plastic bottles, and tablets.

Even advance verification work is cost-free

For product adoption, the company first interviews a client about the inspection items and the purpose of adoption. Then, the company borrows sample products to start verifying how close iVision gets to its goal. A quotation is given after the results are compiled in a report and submitted. Costs are incurred only after the client is satisfied and the order is officially decided on. At the time of delivery, the company also supports on-site installation and adjustment as well as operator guidance. Rest assured since they have established a system for remote after-sales follow-up after delivery.

Visual inspection is subject to variations in accuracy due to the conditions of personnel. By solving labor shortages and with the additional benefit of stabilizing inspection accuracy, iVision might clear a path for the future of manufacturing SMEs.

Coverage date February 13, 2020


Company overview

AdD Co.,Ltd

AdD Co.,Ltd was established in 2001. A software manufacturer in Kyoto that plans, designs, develops, sells, and commissions computer systems and programs, and provides planning and services for computer peripherals and software. The company is also involved in the development of the image processing system and image recognition product inspection system "iVision."

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