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The Closer Z series, which combines strength and design, received the Good Design Award 2015

Product Name = Closer Z series

Disaster prevention through roofing material which is significantly stronger than convention methods

In recent years, roofs of buildings in Japan are frequently blown off by powerful typhoon or severe gusts of wind. The Closer Z series is provided by Kawakami Bankin Kogyosho Co., Ltd. as roofing material that can withstand such wind damage.

The Z500 Closer Roof, which is the predecessor of the series, proved to be about 20% stronger than the conventional construction methods. The strength was verified during a roof strength test performed by the General Building Research Corporation of Japan. The roof also features a highly-appealing design and a sound-damping effect. The Z500 Closer Roof won the Good Design Award in FY2011 and FY2013. The Closer Z series adds new functionality while inheriting the strength and design of the Z500 Closer Roof. The Closer Z series is available in many varieties for supporting a wide range of applications. The series won the Good Design Award in FY2015.

Available in many varieties for supporting a broad range of buildings

The same high strength of the Z500 Closer Roof is achieved by mounting a unique closer bracket ("a" in Photo 2) on the side of a regular square-joint tight frame, and by fitting in a top suspension ("b" in Photo 2) and two diagonal surfaces. The resulting square-joint fitted plate roof (using suspension) is an original structure with three joints that resist wind from above and below. The roof is made from galvalume steel, which is lightweight, has excellent earthquake resistance, and is resistant to rust.

Achieves high strength through three joints using closer brackets to fit a top suspension and two diagonal surfaces

Each of the three basic models has its own unique advantages. The Closer Z300 has a working width of 300 mm and offers high rigidity. The Closer Z420 is 420 mm and is compatible with fireproof structures. The Closer Z550 is 550 mm and achieves superior cost performance. The value of the basic models can be further enhanced according to the application. For example, the Closer Z420 TYPE-S features a ripple effect on the surface of the roofing material to enhance the design and strength, while at the same time reducing the phenomenon of plate noise. Additionally, the Closer Z300 TYPE-R has a curvature radius of 30 meters. The Closer Z420 TYPE-R has a curvature radius of 28 meters. These models support R processing (corner processing) in addition to straight lines.

Using the cover method to "re-strengthen" the safety of all standing seam roofing materials

The Closer Z series is capable of a cover method that can be used for all types of standing seam roofing materials. It is particularly effective in re-strengthening metal roofs that have deteriorated due to age. Upon receiving a request, Kawakami Bankin Kogyosho uses its integrated factory system to handle all processes from molding and processing of roofing material to construction. The company also possesses molding machines for using on-site. It can handle long roofing materials.

Kawakami Bankin Kogyosho mainly provides the Closer Z series for small and medium-sized buildings. Moreover, in April 2017, the company launched the new reinforced roofing material “Advance” for large-scale buildings (Advance won the Good Design Award 2017). The company plans to continue research and development for roofing materials that exhibit even greater strength against the natural disasters that have become even larger and more serious in Japan.

Coverage date December 18, 2019


Company overview

Kawakami Bankin Kogyosho Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1934 and established in 1968, Kawakami Bankin Kogyosho is a long-established manufacturer of metal roofing materials. Utilizing its patented technology, the company manufactures, sells, and installs safe and secure roofs. Original products developed by Kawakami Bankin Kogyosho have won four Good Design Awards. One award-winning products is the Closer Z series of high-strength roofing materials featuring both design and functionality. Kawakami Bankin Kogyosho aims to develop roofs with even higher quality.

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