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Know the needs outside the field to which we belong
The New Value Creation Exhibition has also created new value for our companyMATSUOKA CUTTER MFG Co.,Ltd



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The decision that this will be the only need is a significant opportunity loss.
The New Value Creation Exhibition where different industries gather was just a hint.

Matsuoka Cutter Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 1935, has manufactured and sold knives in Shizuoka Prefecture where the company is located, using local industries such as woodworking industry as a customer. However, 82 years since our establishment, we feel the change in needs accompanying the evolution of the times. Despite seeking new pillars of business for the next era, the situation continued to be lacking as a deciding factor.

Although the company was like that, we realized that we were "Born new value for them" with the opportunity to exhibit at the New Value Creation Exhibition. What was the "New value" that the company noticed? We talked to Mr. Katsuhiko Matsuoka, CEO of the company.

Knowing the needs and confirming the value will trigger a challenge to enter different industries.

Why did you decide to participate in the New Value Creation Exhibition?
It is the most significant factor in thinking that there is a new need in an industry different from the industry category to which their company belongs; separate from the industry, and wanting to explore it. Even so, it does not make sense to what kind of trade you can focus on what type of production, also if you exhibit it in a bland cloud named exhibition. So, it is the opportunity that we thought that the new value creation exhibition, which is a comprehensive exhibition, is "a chance to get something different from what I have ever."

What was your consciousness when exhibiting?
We have exhibited at the New Value Creation Exhibition twice in the past, but let's get out for the first time, it was an action we thought about trying a different game. But, at the second exhibition, we were conscious of the point that "What is their core business?" and we exhibited.

What kind of things did you get for your company as a result of exhibiting?
I think that it was very high that we were able to touch such needs as directly related to research from large companies that would have never been interfered if we were operating normally. Also, we have come to see another seed (opportunity), possibility, other than the category that ourselves decided "This way" as the product itself provided by us. We were able to confirm that our products could be used in different markets.

What does it mean "Other than the categories that we decided"?
We will make things after receiving orders from customers. The only thing was that the customer's needs itself were just products as it was. That is why there is a part we thought "There will be only that."
We have produced about 20,000 kinds of products so far in our work. Some of them have overlapping technologies, but when you combine them or try a little out of it, I think that you can be used in an entirely different kind of business.
From the customer, we will give you a hint in the form of "Do you do this kind of thing with this one?" There were so many things that we did not realize surprisingly as "What?" in that question.

How are the hints made available?
We have been focusing on cutting tools and production tools related to woodworking in local industries such as wood industry in Shizuoka for a long time since our establishment. But we can now get the work of tool production such as "Things that are hard to process," "Difficult-to-cut materials" in automobiles and metals.
Also, we believe that by entering a new industry, we can also inform existing business partners about the modern "Usage" of our products.

What is "new usage"?
Advancing into fields of different industries is possible. In other words, this is the people who are dealing with our tools, the distributors who are selling it are the people who know our cutting tool best. Because we have the power to sell our cutlery, we have been able to approach customers of industries and industries that those people thought were irrelevant so far. Many customers have entered the industry category.

From now on, how do you want your business to be developed?
We will continue to brush up and improve our cutting tool, which is our specialty field, from now on, and we would like to focus on cutting tools for areas such as the aeronautical and automotive industries, especially in the field so-called difficult-to-cut materials. Moreover, we want to challenge firmly to make opportunities to advance into other areas such as a medical field.

The New Value Creation Exhibition, as its name suggests, new values are often born from the connection between visitors, and exhibitors and many new valuable products and services have been produced so far. It tends to pay attention to the point that "Something new is born," but it is also important whether to care about "The new value of the company" like us. Mr. Matsuoka said that obtaining such awareness is a unique charm of the New Value Creation Exhibition where different industries gather.

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With a particular strength in high quality, quick delivery, and high-mix small-lot production, we have built a flexible and integrated production system that meets customer needs, and develop/offer optimal cutting tools and blades for materials and machinery shifting from wood, inorganic-based, resin, and metal materials to advanced materials such as carbon fiber.

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