Non-Contact Conveyor "Float Chuck" offering "half-reduced gas consumption and improved suspension force"SOLAR RESEARCH LABORATORY Ltd.


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Float Chuck that can transport and handle work pieces without directly touching them Peripheral part of “Float Chuck”.

Product name = Non-Contact Conveyor "Float Chuck"

Also capable of non-contact conveyance of large-sized liquid crystal glass substrates

In the manufacturing process of work pieces (object to be processed) such as glass substrates and semiconductor wafers, there should be "no dirt", "no stress", and "no damage". As the name suggests, the Non-Contact Conveyor "Float Chuck" by Solar Research Laboratory can transport and handle work pieces by keeping them suspended in the air.

Moreover, since it uses the highly efficient "vertical gas jet flow system", it has 2 to 6 times more suspension force compared to other non-contact conveyors such as those using the "swirl flow system". In addition, the amount of air supplied during transportation is reduced by almost half and it is also capable of "non-contact conveyance of 10th generation large-sized glass substrates for liquid crystals", in which the large amount of air consumption has been a matter of concern.

Increased efficiency of negative pressure generation and improved suspension maintenance performance

The air gushes out and the generated high-speed airflow maintains the balance between the negative pressure and rising pressure, making non-contact conveyance possible

The working surface facing the work piece of the "Float Chuck" consists of a hood located on the outer periphery, a depression called the cushion chamber at the center part, and an air blast port at the center of the cushion chamber. The air blast port gushes out air toward the work piece, such as a glass sheet, and the generated high-speed airflow maintains the balance between the negative pressure and rising pressure, which makes it possible to transport the work pieces without touching them. In the newly adopted vertical gas jet flow system, gas vertically flows into the cushion chamber, which reduces the friction loss of gas flow and increases the efficiency of negative pressure generation. In addition, adding an angle into the air blast direction also has an ejector effectinthe cushion chamber, which generates a negative pressure more efficiently. This also improves the suspension force and suspension maintenance stability. This is the only non-contact conveyor that is resistant to impact and can perform high-speed transportation.

Also, the air blasted from the air blast port is ultimately captured and sucked by the hood located on the outer periphery of the working surface. Since it prevents the outflow of high-speed air, it reduces the possibility of trash and dust getting pulled up. Moreover, it is designed to prevent air from hitting the work pieces vertically so as to lower the risk of damage or stress from the blasting air. The "Float Chuck" is needed in many industries, for example, in clean rooms where strict hygiene control and high-precision machining are required.

* Effectiveness of sucking the surrounding objects when gas or liquid are flowing at high speed.

Caters to a wide variety of demands from various industries

Hundreds of "Float Chucks" have already been supplied so far to manufacturers from diverse industries, such as semiconductors, FPD, polarizing plates, films, optics, electronics, paper, and textiles. It can handle work pieces in a wide range of dimensions, from square chips and lenses measuring several millimeters to square glass measuring several meters in length or several μm (1 μm = 0.001 mm) in thickness. In addition, it can also handle a large variety of shapes, such as warped wafers, through holes, breathable and pliable work pieces, and surface-coated work pieces. This product owes its high degree of versatility to the fact that it has been customized little by little to cater to the needs of a wide variety of industries.

In times when technological innovations are taking place at a dramatically increasing speed and there is a demand for further sophistication and precision in all industries, the opportunities for Solar Research Laboratory's Non-Contact Conveyor "Float Chuck" to take the centerstage are also likely to grow further.

Coverage date June 26, 2019


Company overview


A technological development-oriented manufacturer based out of Toyonaka, Osaka, whose main business is production of application equipment and non-contact conveyance equipment that use gas flow. The Non-Contact Conveyor "Float Chuck" (patented) developed by the company resolved the problems of manufacturers from various industries, including semiconductor wafer manufacturers, IC manufacturers, glass substrate manufacturers, optical devices manufacturers, etc. For this contribution, the company received the Science and Technology Agency Director-General Award in 1990 and subsequently a Medal with Yellow Ribbon in1991.

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