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A “Za-buton” that supports correct posture using the force of air

Product name = “Za-buton”

Reduces fatigue when sitting, also has exercise benefits

Japan is now a super-ageing society, so interest in QOL (quality of life) improvement, extension of healthy life expectancy, and the nursing and welfare fields is only increasing. Under these circumstances, Koike Dyeing, which develops health care products, developed the “Za-buton” that greatly reduces the burden and fatigue on the body even for long sitting times. Using the force of the air, they added an element which provides the effect of “exercise on the side”* 1 just by sitting, as the pressure on the tailbone is reduced to almost zero.

Although it can be widely used to reduce fatigue when sitting, it is particularly suited to prevent the sitting sores * 2 of wheelchair users who sit for a long time. In addition, since it is easily removed and carried around, user types and use situations range widely from long desk work hours, listening to long lectures at school, and driving long distances, to traveling, theater, watching sports, etc.

* 1 Exercise while performing various daily activities.
* 2 A condition in which the tissue caught between bones and external forces applied to the body is damaged

Applying pressure from below to “make the tailbone float”

The act of “sitting” is said to reduce the load on the body the closer the spine is to the correct posture which looks like a "clear S-shape”. The “Za-buton” supports this posture by applying pressure from below with the force of air and pushing back on the person's own weight and gravity. In addition, by arranging multiple air bags placed in the cushion area and adjusting their positional relationship relative to the tailbone area which at risk of sitting sores, a "zero-resistance state" is created which is neither low-resistance nor high-resistance, such that it does not touch the seat.

In addition, by narrowing the tube connecting the air bags, you get the benefits of exercise while sitting down. When the sitting position is changed, the speed at which the air moves slows down, and the body responds to the movement, so you get the benefits of exercise.

The amount of air can be adjusted according to each user's preference. You can bring it close to what you find comfortable.

Multiple research and development projects in progress

They collaborated with the Ashikaga University Sleep Science Center to develop the "Za-buton". They have already delivered the product to nursing homes, private cram schools, general corporations, and households in a wide range of fields. Wheelchair users report less redness on their buttocks, and as the risk of sitting sores decreased, they are able to spend less time in bed and more time out of bed. General users report that scaling and descending stairs is easier now, perhaps thanks to training their inner muscles with "exercise on the side".

Going forward, the company plans to strengthen sales in the nursing field and choose sales companies in general fields according to use situations. In addition, joint research with Jichi Medical University is underway on the prevention of economy class syndrome, which tends to occur during disasters. As a specialized new product for the field of disaster care, they are also planning a development project for a “Japanese-style Zabuton” that can be used regardless of how you sit, such as on your heels, cross-legged, for a long time, or with one knee raised.
Their challenge to achieve a higher level of "being healthy while sitting" will continue.

Coverage date July 1, 2019


Company overview


Dyeing and processing of fabrics and business in the healthcare field. In the latter field, they are proposing “new health habits” that lead to less stress in daily life through self-developed products under the banner of “turning ON home time”. Their main products are the "Neck Pillow" that supports ideal sleep posture and the "Za-buton" which contributes to a "clear S-shaped posture".

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