New system that can be monitored while protecting privacy
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Application of microwave doppler sensor, human body detection, and monitoring system while protecting privacy "Wi-Fi communication emergency notification system GZS-335."

Learning Point

  • Solving the privacy problem of video surveillance
  • An emergency notification system that can be installed cheaply
  • Responding to challenges in a modern lifestyle where single households increase

Building a monitoring system with privacy in mind

In recent years, surveillance cameras are installed everywhere in the city, and although there are individual privacy issues, monitoring cameras are useful for specific crime deterrent effects and crime resolution. However, the installation of a surveillance camera in the personal space is complicated from the viewpoint of privacy protection. Therefore, Showadenshi Sangyo Corporation developed a surveillance system that does not violate privacy. That is the "Wi-Fi communication emergency notification system GZS-335" applying a microwave doppler sensor.

"GZS-335" is a non-contact microwave doppler sensor that does not use camera video and can detect a heartbeat, respiration, etc. and can monitor it. It is a system for notifying abnormalities detected to administrators by setting them in toilets, baths, etc., such as hotels and hospitals, where the necessity of privacy protection is high.
The aging society advances, accidents of physical troubles in toilets and baths tend to increase year by year, but it becomes a monitoring system that can respond promptly to the privacy problem.

Some monitoring systems that do not use camera images, use infrared sensors, but because infrared radiation is detected by temperature and reacts to other than human bodies, malfunction increases as compared to microwave doppler sensors.The microwave Doppler sensor has already been put into practical use for implantation control and the like in hospitals and the like, and it is very reliable.

Inexpensive installation using existing Wi-Fi networks

The system also features the ease of attaching the main body to the toilet/bath and merely installing the power supply unit into an AC100V outlet to complete the installation. After that, if you connect to the existing Wi-Fi network, you can monitor it with the terminal of the administrator. If the hotel and hospitals that we are currently expecting are equipped with power supply and Wi-Fi network etc., installation work, etc. is not particularly required, so it is possible to construct a monitoring system at low cost.

When it detects a stay longer than the set time of the human body within the toilet/bath in which the sensor is installed, it is automatically transmitted to the administrator via the Wi-Fi network, so that centralized management can be performed. Of course, since camera images, etc. are not used, it is possible to respond to troubles without invading the privacy of the guests of the hotel and the patients in the hospital. Also, the sensor is equipped with an emergency button, and users can also report abnormalities themselves.

A home emergency notification system utilizing the communication module

A microwave doppler sensor that can be monitored while protecting privacy is not limited to hotels, hospitals, etc. For example, it is useful for watching the elderly living alone. The product can detect not only the heartbeat and breathing but also the movement of the body. Therefore, when solitary old people are at home, and there is no movement for hours, it detects the possibility of a physical problem and can notify the family members, medical institutions, public agencies, etc. of the abnormality by e-mail. It is a very encouraging existence for families with older people who live apart.

  • The product has many opportunities for application as a security product.
    By installing it in a toilet such as a leisure facility or a public transport system such as the Shinkansen, it can be used as a crime prevention system that urges users to use more than usual hours while protecting the privacy of customers. Also, since the microwave doppler sensor can detect moving objects, it can quickly identify approaching areas where entry is prohibited and divert it to security systems such as stores after closing.
    Furthermore, incorporating a mobile data communication module seems to be a more versatile, low-cost monitoring system.

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