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Can be installed anywhere in a house without requiring construction

Product Name = "Net M!l HEMS Controller"

Optimal solution for watching over elderly people who live alone

One of the social issues facing Japan is how to watch over elderly people living alone, which is an increasing graphic in recent years. The "Net M!L HEMS Controller" from CICO Corporation is a promising solution to this issue. This product is a type of HEMS (Home Energy Management System) device that visualizes and optimally controls home power consumption in conjunction with a smart meter. The Net M!L HEMS Controller sends a daily "Health Notice E-mail" and a notification when an abnormal situation occurs to pre-registered officials. The e-mail contains the results of power consumption analysis that is performed every minute in the home where the product is installed.

Monitoring for both abnormal situations and daily life

The communication routes of data acquired by the smart meter include Route A, which is used by power companies, and Route B*, which is used by power contractors, service providers, etc. The Net M!L HEMS Controller has built-in communication equipment for supporting Route B. Therefore, the product can be installed anywhere in a home where there is reception for radio waves of the Route B service. No construction is required because no telephone or internet connections are used. After applying to the power company for B Route service, the service can be used simply by installing the products sent from CICO Corporation.

The Net M!L HEMS Controller transmits data on the amount of power used. This data is acquired via the next-generation wireless communication standard "Wi-SUN" and is transmitted to the cloud server via the built-in 4GLTE. After using an advanced algorithm to analyze the power usage status, the controller sends the analysis results to the person in charge of monitoring. The Net M!L HEMS Controller is unique because it enables monitoring not only for abnormal conditions, but also for daily life.

In order to upgrade from the conventional wired type to the wireless type, new software was developed. Furthermore, "ECHONET Lite standards" and "ECHONET Lite AIF" certification have been obtained to enable acquisition of data from smart meters installed by power companies throughout Japan.
*A communication route that connects a smart meter to equipment installed in a nearby building. Utilized by power contractors, etc., when using various services.

Usage expanding even to diaster-preparedness and safety measures

he Net M!L HEMS Controller has been steadily spreading since it was first adopted by Arakawa Ward in 2014 as a monitoring system for the elderly. More than 1,000 controllers have already been installed. In the future, in addition to anticipating application in a wide range of fields such as other local governments, electric power companies, real estate management companies, and nursing care facilities, as methods of usage other than monitoring, the company is also examining ways to use the controller to respond to needs for disaster-preparedness and safety measures, such as ascertaining power outage information, confirming presence/absence, and monitoring absences.

The Net M!L HEMS Controller has extremely high potential as a solution to social issues, and it will create new value depending on how it is used.

Coverage date February 3, 2020


Company overview

CICO Co.,Ltd

CICO Corporation was established in 1992. The company conducts an environment measurement business through electrical, pipe, and telecommunication construction ordered by government agencies, with a focus on construction, maintenance, and inspection of underground power transmission equipment that requires special technology, as well as various measurement services for buildings. The product business which was started in 2011 to contribute to monitoring of the elderly is performing well. Furthermore, CICO Corporation is expanding to businesses which provide safety and peace of mind for utilities; for example, construction of doors for platforms at train stations.

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