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For example, Ø 0.05 mm precision pin by forging. Advanced composite metal processing technology of welding, forging, forming, pressing and welding

Learnning Points

  • Proposal ability to exploit elemental techniques in combination to create new value
  • Corporate attitudes to realize ideas by working on development of original machines

Aitec Tsuritani Co., Ltd. has been developing metal products such as lead wires, terminals and electrodes for electronic components. In the process, we have accumulated technologies such as welding, forging, forming, and pressing. In the meantime, the fields of electronic devices and information devices have made remarkable progress in miniaturization and high integration. We have also supported the sophistication of customer products in response to the needs of such product makers and electronic parts manufacturers, and have proposed to improve the customer products, and today we refine each of the above-mentioned element technologies and further freely combine. We are exerting a great presence as an expert in composite fine metal processing technology.

One of our recent topics is the development of a ultra-small forged pin with Ø 0.05 mm applying its unique microheater. We realized this extremely small part, which could only be produced by cutting in the past by advanced forging, which controls material flow in 1-micron units. Also, we continue to provide extremely stable production that delivers 1500 to 20 million units per month for semiconductor connection terminals, contributing significantly to the realization of the management strategy of client companies that intends to expand product share by cost reduction. We say that this technology can be applied to Cu pillars and medical devices of semiconductor chips.

The photo below is a lead wire for a quartz resonator by a combination of forging and pressing. We first developed a 0.45 mm round wire material by evenly crushing the round wire material into a plate shape without deviation and further subjecting it to drilling, trimming and bending. General press processing can not realize such processing, and the company said that all the machines involved in fine processing are developed and manufactured by the company. In the past, customers had to produce parts by welding the parts of the wire and the pieces of the plate press, which took time and effort. It is formed in one process by forming process, achieving cost reduction of 70%. This is also an excellent example of realizing the commercialization that was thought impossible with our technology.

In the medical field, we have been demonstrating the technical capabilities of composite fine metal processing in the field of electronic components for many years under the management philosophy of "trying every possibility" is a new area. It is said that specific movements such as the development of sales to the medical equipment industry and promotion of PR and development of a single needle for medical use have also started. We are looking forward to seeing how the technological capabilities and proposal skills that we possess are utilized in the field of medicine from now on and what new value will be created.

  • We have a history of nearly 100 years, and a deep connection with lead wires, beginning with introduction wires for vacuum tubes and TV cathode-ray tubes, and have been developing electronic parts such as transistors and LSI lead wires. Even in the age of miniaturization and high integration of electronic components, we have accumulated the technical capabilities of composite fine metal processing and have continued to evolve. Our company name "ITEC" means Innovation, Technology, Efficiency, Challenge. As its name suggests, we must continue to be an accompanist who will depend on challenging for our client companies.

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We can provide various fine precision metal processed products using five technologies of welding, forming, forging, pressing and deposing. We also make terminal pin for semiconductor and electronic parts, probe, lead wire, erectrode lead for lighting equipment, medical needle, medical device etc.

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