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  • Creating highly reliable products based on data
  • Aggressive approach to industry-university collaboration
  • Imaging of product development

Secure safety by data ahead of time

The company's main product was "Soken" which got the first domestic approval as electromagnetic therapy equipment. In the conventional domestic magnetic therapy equipment, the magnetism reached only 1 to 2 cm of the surface of the body, but this "saken" can generate magnetism reaching 20 to 30 cm of the body even with a power supply of 100 V for home use. This will improve deep body "Cori" can also be said.

Since the heat generated can be controlled, continuous use over a long period of time at a clinic or the like is also possible. Because there is little stimulation, no matter where you put your body, there is no side effect like medicine. Therefore, even for home use, it is introduced in medical institutions, nursing care facilities, esthetic salons etc. throughout the country.

In the background of the development of this product, the founder's wish of "I want to save my son with disabilities in my brain" is included. Therefore special consideration is given to ensuring safety.
By taking the latest evidence to guarantee safety for over 30 years since approval of medical equipment, we can also guarantee the reliability by taking advantage of the latest evidence in product improvement. As domestic magnetic therapy equipment manufacturers that began to store evidence data to guarantee safety from the deregulation in 2005 can not say that they can not gather data dating back to the past, the company has an overwhelming advantage I will.

In addition, the company's magneto-magnetic therapy equipment has a track record of introducing it to domestic and overseas football clubs, and the athlete's evaluation is also high. In fact, there are abundant achievements that the company's products were used for athletes participating in Ekiden and the Olympics. In the future it is said that the market will also aim to enter the big Europe. It can be said that the world is waiting for the company 's products born from the founder' s desire.

Approach to next-generation research and development

2025 years when population-rich baby boomers become late-stage elderly people (over 75 years old). There is concern that social compensation expenses such as nursing care and medical expenses in Japan will increase rapidly. Towards that era Soken Medical is promoting collaboration between industry and academia to develop products that support the independence of late elderly people.

The government is also in a hurry of measures to reform the medical and nursing care systems, but the baby-boom generation, which has recently come to occupy a large proportion among elderly people, is more concerned about self- It is said that those who think that "with something" is remarkable. The company predicts that elderly people over the age of 60 can maintain their health by themselves if there is a therapy device that can be used at home because it is a generation of baby boomers with many independent standings. For that purpose, we are trying to realize the development of products for self-reliance by industry-university collaboration.

To academic product development through strengthening industry-university collaboration

The company has conducted numerous industry-academia collaborations and has published 94 research papers. For the establishment of new treatment methods and plant cultivation law, such as "Promotion of cultivation of nigeria" with the University of the Ryukyus, "leukemia cell apoptosis" with Showa University, "promotion of refractory fracture healing" with Tokyo Dental University, We provide generous knowledge on the magnetic field that has come.
In recent years we have set up laboratories at Saitama University Advanced Industry International Laboratory. We are advancing evidence research on brain function · blood flow · antioxidant · arteriosclerosis · posture · autonomic nerve as an indicator. We are pursuing more academically how exchanging magnetic therapy equipment can be spread in the future in medical and healthcare fields.

The company's high contribution to social contribution and research is high, "The New Year's Speech Exchange Association of Heisei 28 / Tama A Brand Company Certification Awards Ceremony Heisei 20th" sponsored by the TAMA Industry Revitalization Association held in January 2016 "TAMA brand company" as well as being awarded the "industry-university collaboration · research and development department: grand prize" at the same time.

As a result of this award, I was looking for researchers who can collaborate on personal relationships so far, but as brand power has been strengthened, there are also cases where universities offer cooperation. This will accelerate the development of products with high social contribution.

As we move towards an aging society, interest in medical equipment will increase more and more. In that situation, the company has know-how accumulated over 40 years. I have overwhelming confidence in research on AC magnetism in particular. In order to further expand its strength, collaboration with companies with various advanced technologies will create even greater possibilities.

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We celebrated our 35th anniversary. Meanwhile, more than 425,000 electromagnetical therapy devices have been sent out to the world.
Most of it is from our inquiries from our word of mouth, our secret pride. The positive influence of exchange magnetism which many research papers are sent to academic year every year. An academic paper on what kind of mechanism is making an effect is in the process of research.

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