"Cable integrated multi-point temperature sensor" that a sensor chip embedded in a 5 mm diameter cable, allowing simultaneous measurement of multiple pointsSANYO DENKO Co.,Ltd


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"Cable integrated multi-point temperature sensor" that multi-core cable enabling simultaneous temperature measurement of multiple points

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  • Innovative ideas leading to the patent acquisition
  • Technical capability to embody a technique that is distinct from the existing

Sanyo Denco Co., Ltd. specialized manufacturer of individual wires and cables, celebrating 70 years in 2018. They are specializing in the production of small quantities of various types of custom cables, utilizing the technology that has been cultivated so far, and developed "Cable integrated multi-point temperature sensor" that can measure the temperature at the same time. Currently, negotiations are underway with companies that handle businesses that require temperature control.

They developed a "Cable integrated multi-point temperature sensor" realized simultaneous temperature measurement at multiple points, with a temperature sensor (thermistor) embedded inside a 5 mm diameter cable. Measurement range is extensive from minus 20℃ to 100℃, and use is made by connecting the cable integrated with the interface device to the PC with USB (see the figure below). The sensor detects voltage fluctuation due to temperature change, and the temperature measured by the graph and the numerical value is displayed on the PC screen. The length of the cable can be up to 100 meters, and the sensor can be embedded in 1 to 40 points regardless of the length of the cable.

The method of simultaneous measurement of temperature at multiple points has existed before, such as a method of networking numerous thermocouples via a converter, etc. However, due to the complexity of equipment installation and power supply construction, there is a disadvantage such would increase costs since it must provide a thermocouple transducer. However, "Cable integrated multi-point temperature sensor" is unnecessary for maintenance since it can always supply electricity once it is laid and it lead to a cut in cost because it can measure by merely putting cables at arbitrary locations.

The idea of the product was conceived about three years ago and developed prototypes in response to requests from medical manufacturers "we want to make devices that can measure multiple points." Although it was not adopted, then after making improvements such as changing the size independently, a multifilamentary cable with a diameter of 5 mm was born. However, they repeated trial and error on development. When applying plus and minus wiring to the sensor in the cable, usually identify the electric wires of the material by coloring, etc. Jun Kobayashi, CEO of the company, looks back "struggled with the selection of materials and preparing colors" regarding the identification mechanism since the mechanism is different such as wiring products that are not electric wires.

Currently, they believe that it can be expected to be used in companies that cultivate crops at plastic houses, manufacturers of industrial robots, major mail-order companies with warehouses, etc. They are negotiating with these businesses that need temperature control. They hope that they are also proceeding with the commercialization of the next model, and in the future, we will focus on improving awareness and plan to introduce it.

  • The company's "Cable integrated multi-point temperature sensor" which can measure temperature with multiple points. Since it can measure with a single cable in the range up to 100 m, it is expected that not only crops but also demand for food-related such as fermented food and sake where temperature control is essential. Also, it is possible to think of how to utilize the nature of PC connection, such as remote management in cooperation with a smartphone. The product that has various possibilities seems to attract attention in the future.

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A manufacturer of special wires and cables celebrating 70 years in business. We are good at producing small quantities of custom cables in various kinds. The field of activity of our company’s cable is wide, and it is active in every environment from automobile parts to lighting equipment from space to the seabed. In recent years, we are striving to develop proprietary technologies, and we are also proactively working on acquiring patents.

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