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Corporate ideals in the Artificial Intelligence EraManabu Akaike<Series 4 / complete>

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Work substituted for artificial intelligence, work not replaced

From now on, the use of artificial intelligence for creating new value will become an important theme. With the emergence of deep learning and IoT, the manner of business changes drastically. But, who makes molds for automobile parts? The delicate technologies of these skilled craftsmen will not be replaced by artificial intelligence. In fact, automobile manufacturers are reemploying mold craftsmen, and we are in trial and error as how to utilize the accumulated intellectual capital so far. Also, the inspection work, which is downstream of products, is advantageous for people. While some manufacturers conduct inspections using high-performance video systems, manufacturers are waking up to trying to inspect all items by people. Even if artificial intelligence spreads, it has to depend on people for tip parts.

Workers are classified as "creator," "manager" and "worker." Skilled artisans of molds are positioned as "creator," and it is unlikely that artificial intelligence will make them deprived of their work. On the other hand, white collars such as manufacturing and sales, which are “administrators”, should be replaced with artificial intelligence with high accuracy.

Although it is said that 'workers' will be substituted in the streets, it is expected that inspectors of tip parts will remain.For example, the automobile business will become polarized. While high-tech automobiles such as unmanned vehicles and eco-cars using artificial intelligence appear, analog cars will continue to be supported. A car dealer specializing in Hiace, in Mie prefecture, a company that has dramatically increased sales by custom campers. For those who like fishing and camping, they propose a camper, which can sleep, customize it and sell it. With a commitment to use cypress produced in Mie Prefecture for interior materials, when this is the case, the car will be a product beyond the original value of "movement." Also, it is also important to have benefits for various stakeholders such as the forestry association by using wood.

I also think that "Virus management" will spread. "Virus management" is a management method named by me as a biologist, who sends out only DNA, without making a manufacturing function, and makes its own alter ego. We believe that gradual collaboration will increase with a way to create "Virus" directly among customers rather than educating their employees.


Altruism and uniqueness are keywords of corporate growth

It is easy to understand if the company's ideal situation is compared to "Maslow's desire for 5 stages." Techniques for living longer and services for not going into hunger are important when you are developing business with survival, but reaching a different stage as you go to "self-realization," the highest grade desire. In recent years, I think that "Enterprise self-realization" goes one step and "Self-transcendence" is the stage that companies should reach. "Self-transcendence" means to carry out a business model with altruism. It should be a business that has benefits not only for employees, business partners, next generation but also for ecosystems.

Psychologist Abraham Maslow assumes “Maslow’s desire for 5 stages” as "A human being is constantly growing toward self-realization." It is the theory of human desire in five stages. There are five stages of "Desire," "Physiological desire," "Safety desire," "Social desire" "Desire to approve" "Desire to self-realize," and when one desire is satisfied, it represents basic psychological behavior trying to meet the next desire.

Professor Michael Porter said that it is crucial to "Plan a unique project" and "To decide to do." To conceive a unique business that other companies will never do, it is to acquire design thinking. And to have the new business implemented in society, it is essential to building a new value chain without being caught by past networks. Wal-mart quit sales of tobacco and lost sales of 1 trillion yen, but total consumer sales have been upgraded by consumers who agree with this intention. Shiseido does not make cosmetics for teenagers. Because the skin of a teenager is healthy and thinks that there is no need to use make up. In this way, if you decide what you do not do, the identity of the company will be defined as nature.

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Manabu Akaike
Universal Design Research Institute, Inc., CEO
the Research and Development Subcommittee of the Industrial Structure Council of METI, Member Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology Innovative Technology, Review Board Jury
Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Biomass Nippon Integrated Strategy Promotion, Committee
Musashino Art University, Department of Design Information, Lecturer
Waseda University Environmental Research Center, Visiting teacher
Kitakyushu City Environment Capital Research Center, Main Researcher
Japan Industrial Design Promotion Organization Good Design, Award Jury
Kids Design Council Kids Design, Award Jury Chairperson

Born in Tokyo in 1958. In 1981 he was graduated from the University of Tsukuba biology. He operates a think tank that designs social system designs and develops products, facilities, and communities for environmental and welfare, which encourages social innovation. He advocated "life regionalism", "sustained sustainable science" and "making things to learn in nature", and participate in numerous manufacturing projects utilizing local resources, technology, and human resources. As a science and technology journalist, he is also involved in writing, criticism and lecture activities focusing on manufacturing technology and the philosophy of science, and he will also serve as a representative director of the co-creative initiative of the company since 2011. He received numerous awards in the field of industrial design, such as Good Design Prize Gold Prize, JAPAN SHOP SYSTEM AWARD First Prize, KU / KAN Award 2011 and so on.

◇Main book
"Innovation evolving from living organisms Evolution of 3.8 billion years of super technology" (NHK Publishing) July 2014
"Monozukuri Enthusiasm for Nature Studies" (supervised by PHP Institute / Akaike) January 2011 "Insects Save Humans" (Takarajimasha Shimpo) October 2007
"Insect power" (Shogakukan) July 2006
"Making Things to Learn From Nature" (Toyo Keizai Inc.) December 2005
"Nippon Technology" (Maruzen) June 2005
"New Manufacturing Industry Survival Theory" (Wedge) March 2005
"Knowing Toyota" (Nikkei Business Paperback) November 2004

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