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Worth noticing because we exhibited at the exhibition, Nagao System "3-D Ball Mill", utilization of new value creation exhibition seen in.NAGAO SYSTEM Inc.

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There a party exists who needs hidden demand, product?
We found a new value by the advice from visitors.

"3-D Ball Mill" of Nagao System Inc. developed for the purpose of "crushing" objects in containers to micro / nano units by setting up high-speed three-dimensional movement. It is a product that enabled uniform pulverization which was considered impossible with 2-dimensional motion.
However, the exhibition of "3-D Ball Mill" to the New Value Creation Exhibition is a new value that the company, which had been thinking about pulverization, was not even imagined as "a device that enables mixing of substances with different gravities and viscosities". It is said to be the result to find. I saw the significance of Mr. Daisuke Nagao who is senior managing director of the company which had experience of exhibiting twice in the past to participate in a new value creation exhibition.

Tell me the reasons for exhibiting in the New Value Creation Exhibition.
We had customers from various fields actually see the products exhibited and aimed at their impressions, there, then for the development of new applications.

As a result of exhibiting, what was the good point for your company?
We can find a field of usage which is different from the way we used to imagine, and the purpose of use (product) and sales channel have expanded.

How exactly was "different from imagination" different?
Our three-dimensional ball mill was developed as a pulverizer and exhibited, but from customers visited, "this three-dimensional high-speed rotation would be very suitable for mixing and dispersion rather than crushing" we got your opinion. We also gained detailed advice on chemicals, medical products, cosmetics that they might exert strong power in mixing rather than pulverization, and we have explored its uses.

Does that mean that the breadth of field of business has expanded?
We learned that it has great utility value in the mixing field and we focused on inorganic materials mainly in the fields of electricity, ceramics, thermoelectricity and gold.However, various customers arrived at the New Value Creation Exhibition, and scientific, medical products, cosmetics, paint makers and others got pointed out that, in addition to grinding and mixing of inorganic materials (three-dimensional ball mill), we have noticed that there are fields where it could be used, and the distribution path has also expanded to the field of organic material mixing, which we have never considered as a target until now.

Have you felt the merit as a place to negotiate new value creation exhibitions?
Our company is a professional manufacturing enterprise to make things. It is professional in terms of making things, it is very difficult to cultivate sales channels and deliver items to customers. The exhibition at the new value creation exhibition was able to acquire a lot with a trading company that has sales channels with customers who actually introduce products, and was able to have contact points with routes that would not normally be involved; It was the greatest merit.

What kind of company could attract attention?
Although we were engaged in sales activities focusing on customers who handle inorganic materials, after discovering that organic materials are of utility value, we also have a great deal of attention in fields such as organic matter and chemical products.

What kind of response did you feel at the exhibition in the new value creation exhibition?
Various customers such as buyers, trading companies, laboratories, corporate R & D (research and development) are visited from nationwide and abroad in a big venue called Tokyo Big Sight. There were many contacts with customers in completely different fields from the past, and there were plenty of things to tell us. We were able to appeal the merit of our products from various angles.

How was the product appealed to visitors?
For example, when selling to a company R & D, when selling to university, when selling to a trading company, points to appeal are different. Per each. By preparing materials according to each case, we were able to communicate with each other even within a short time when we moved to negotiations.

What kind of support did you receive at the New Value Creation Exhibition?
At New Value Creation Exhibition, we were able to produce product introduction videos at the exhibition and show them to our customers. There are aspects that our products can not convey in words by their very nature, but we were able to understand customers in each direction beforehand according to the video that we produced. We believe that it has also increased its name recognition and reliability.

How was the difference between the first and the second exhibitions?
In the first time exhibition, there was an aspect of insufficient preparation for it; however, at the second exhibition, we were able to prepare materials according to the visitors based on the first experience and were able to afford to respond to them. Even if you do not remember the company name for the second time, the product might remain in memory so that you can catch the chance to talk with the customer. It is our third time to exhibit at this year's New Value Creation Exhibition 2017, we hope to deepen the application to customers who are interested this time by not limited to the interest but how to utilize them.

Originally "3-D Ball Mill" developed as a crushing machine, the exhibition at the New Value Creation Exhibition triggered to notice the very new value of "mixing of materials". "3-D Ball Mill" was able to solve even inconvenient problems such as heat change, unevenness of size and mixing condition, low quality, which had been caused by mixing with fan and cutters. As a result, it has led to expansion of target fields.
As Mr. Nagao said, the new value for products that our company could not even know is likely to be discovered because it is a new value creation exhibition where various industries come together.

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