HIRAMEKIA Cognitive Function Evaluation & Brain Training Cloud Service helps prevent dementia through fun game-like activitiesDigital Media Kikaku Ltd.


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Check cognitive function with HIRAMEKIA’s simple one-touch interface

Points to be noted

  • Be aware of issues faced by nursing care staff. Have planning skills to reduce the workload of staff
  • Deploy the system in care facilities, use accumulated data for additional development

Japan is a “super-aged” society, with 28.1% of the population age 65 or higher. This means that more than 1 in 4 people is a senior cititizen. By 2025, the “baby boomer” generation will be 75 years old, raising elderly citizens to 30% of the population (“Statistical View of the Elderly Population of Japan” Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, 16 September 2018). Meanwhile, 18% of the current elderly population requires living assistance or nursing care, making the extension of healthy life expectancy an urgent issue (“Status Report on Long-Term Care Services, 2018 July” Japan Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, 13 September 2018).

Digital Media Planning, Ltd. is stepping up to the challenge of increasing the number of independent senior citizens. Collaborative groups of industry, academia and government offices collected system use data from care facilities in Nagasaki City to develop the “Cognitive Function Improvement System” software, designed to prevent dementia onset and halt the progression of dementia symptoms. Testing of the effectiveness and results of system tasks, and supervision of new task development is done by the Association of Nagasaki Occupational Therapists, the School of Health Science at Nagasaki University and Mitsuhiro Tsujihata, the Honorary Director of Nagasaki Kita Hospital.

In the beginning, the software was designed as download content for tablets. Later, the spread of internet access and tablet use led development towards a browser-based cloud service. Finally, HIRAMEKIA Cognitive Function Evaluation & Brain Training Cloud Service was released in 2016.

As the title suggests, HIRAMEKIA is designed to evaluate and improve cognitive function. Seniors without dementia symptoms can play through HIRAMEKIA’s tasks to check and prevent dementia and maintain their current level of cognitive function. Likewise, users with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) can restore lost function in addition to halting the progress of symptoms.

For care givers, the biggest merit is HIRAMEKIA’s automatic recording of when the user used the system, which tasks they tried, and their scores, significantly reducing paperwork. Data tracking includes more than the percent of correct answers - user records also show complete details like how long it took to complete a task. Care givers can easily view each user’s progress, allowing early recognition of changes like reduced function.

HIRAMEKIA offers over 450 unique tasks. Contents are split into 4 categories (evaluation tasks, practice tasks, recreational tasks, and videos) and 6 objective genres (thinking, arithmetic, attention, vision, memory and vocabulary). Browsing different categories and genres allows users to complete tasks without getting bored.

Practice Task: “One-Touch Brain Training” Shapes Match

Users can easily operate the touchscreen system to complete tasks without direct help from care givers. Every task is structured like a game so users can have fun while improving cognitive function.
For example, the recreation task “Brain Training Race” allows a care giver to ask the same question to multiple users, who answer using their own tablets. After 5 questions, the users are ranked by number of correct answers and the time it took to complete each question. Care facilities can host an exciting quiz tournament easily. There are also exercise videos that encourage users to follow along.

HIRAMEKIA doesn’t require any installation because it’s a cloud service. Facilities can use existing devices to reduce setup costs.

Digital Media Planning made digital adaptations of brain training exercises used in real care facilities to reduce the workload of staff. Future plans include more digitalization progress and enhancement of the system contents. Outside companies will be invited to provide supplementary content in addition to Digital Media Planning’s original tasks.

Currently, HIRAMEKIA is primarily used in hospitals, adult day cares, senior day services, and retirement homes with rehabilitation departments. In the near future, it will be introduced as an educational entertainment activity for child development in programs that want to maintain and improve cognitive function, like special support schools and classrooms. As the customer base grows, user opinions and requests will be used to build an improved version.

Interview Date: September 10, 2018


company information

Our president, after working for a TV company, considered \how to increase the independence of the elderly, and how to achieve a system for early detection of dementia and prevention of dementia from worsening\ through video production for medical welfare. Our continued joint research with Nagasaki University and other partners, has given birth to our \Forgetfulness improvement system\ (a.k.a. cognitive function improvement system). Our company's motto is to manufacture products for the good of the world.

company information

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