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Developed by "AI · IoT mold" (photo left) that supports "Succession of technology" by learning the ability of artificial intelligence and "Industry-academia collaboration" developed the "Visible light stock"(photo right)

Learnning Points

  • Development ability to multiply user needs and technical capabilities
  • Flexible attitude to create new technologies through cooperation

AI · IoT mold

"AI · IoT mold" developed by Finetech Co., Ltd. is a product that aimed at efficiency by adding AI · IoT elements to the mold used for molding. Generally, in the mold industry, in the work process, "Skill of the artist" that distinguishes the difference depending on subtle feel and sense is required. However, in recent years "Succession of technology" was raised as a problem from various problems such as lack of a successor. If it is, "Data collection makes AI · IoT mold" developed by the company, the part, which was done by, feel and feelings until now is done by big data. By using the analyzed data, even people who are not experienced can work in the same way as a craft. Besides that, the benefits of AI · IoT can be obtained by molding with a mold. Data analysis can analyze Even materials that are difficult to shape from plants. Homogenization is realized while keeping the numerical value of decaying constant. Parts molded by such dies are suitable for products requiring highly functional materials and can respond to various applications such as aircraft, automobiles, and space satellites. Demand is not limited to only domestic, 2017 concluded MOU (Memorandum of Understanding: Basic Agreement) with Thai plastic development company. While cooperating with companies in Thailand with plentiful plant resources, we are focusing on disseminating technical skills towards the world. In the future, we are also planning to expand to ASEAN countries.

Organic visible light catalyst

"The organic visible light photocatalyst handled by the company is a product that looks forward to what development it will show in the future and its future development. Developed by the cooperation of several universities, this new visible light catalyst can radiate in a longer wavelength range than a conventional one. In existing products, it ranged from purple to blue wavelength ranging from 400 to 500 nm (nanometer). However, our "Organic visible light catalyst" can reach the wavelength range up to 600 nm, red. This makes it possible to use it in a wider range of applications. Currently, we are studying what kinds of applications can ultimately be provided, by comparing the needs of various markets with the "Organic visible light catalyst." It is a product that can be expected to play an active part in many fields, such as clean rooms for medical use and hydroponics. While thinking about the form of such output, we are also planning to improve the product. We will continue to expand our products and reduce costs by continuing research with universities in the industry-university collaboration system. Our challenge continues while seeking cooperation with companies, which can continue to improve "organic visible light catalyst," which can draw on demand and sublimate to applications.

Tokyo Institute of Technology Finetech Co., Ltd. headquartered in Yokohama Venture Plaza.
We are also focusing on development through industry-university collaboration.
  • Problems of "Succession of technology" that can hear everywhere regardless of industry. At first glance, it seems to be opposite to the word "Successor," the future solved by "AI · IoT" may come shortly. Such a possibility was felt from our products. We also focused on the possibility of "Organic visible light catalyst." In the present age where the role of light not only illuminates the night, We are looking forward to the future development of visible radiation of 600 nm in daily appearance.

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Our company develops new green materials focusing on environmental energy business, new photo catalyst by collaborative research between industries and universities, and is engaged in industrialization and commercialization.

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