Achieving both ultra-lightweight and high brightness that reduces the burden of nighttime worksynergytec Co.,Ltd


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Attach to a drone to easily light up an area from the sky

Product Name=Flying Drone Lighting

Weighs a mere 170 grams for greater flight stability and flight range

Light which illuminates the subject fulfills an important role in nighttime search activities and inspections. Furthermore, in situations such as power outages caused by disasters, many issues must be addressed; for example, ensuring power and sufficient brightness. Developed and produced by Synergytec Co., Ltd., the product Flying Drone Lighting responds to such needs.

This LED lighting device has been reduced to the lightest possible weight, with the most lightweight model weighing less than 170 grams. This light weight means greater flight stability and flight range even when installing the device onto a drone. At the same time, Flying Drone Lighting pursues powerful brightness, achieving high output of 50 watts. Up to 400 watts can be supported depending on the use. Flying Drone Lighting can be operated from the ground via a wireless remote control. In addition to turning the power on and off, users can also adjust settings such as the degree of brightness, angle of light, etc. This ability to adjust brightness enables safe takeoff and landing at night.

Pursuing light weight by focusing on details as small as a single screw

The minimum requirement for dedicated drone lighting is to not interfere with flight. Therefore, Synergytec pursued a lightweight design. The body uses a hollow resin frame. Lightweight carbon heatsink is used in the heat radiation medium which is essential for LEDs that generate a large amount of heat. Moreover, an ultra-lightweight design of less than 170 grams was achieved by focusing on details as small as a single screw.

3D CAD was fully utilized in the design. By using a 3D printer to produce the body, it is possible to shorten lead time and reduce cost.

The company's strength is that its devices can be installed on certain drone series with just one simple operation. Furthemore, the company can respond to custom requests such as attaching devices to other models. Synergytec can also support detailed needs for LED light emission such as color, color temperture, and color rendering.

An essential item for disaster recovery

Synergytec has a record of delivering products for use in disaster prevention, crime prevention, infrastructure inspection, and many other uses for photography. Flying Drone Lighting is popular for use in photography. It captures a completely new view of tourist attractions, rich nature, and other locations where it was previously difficulty to set a light source.

However, when considering how Japan is frequently struck by disasters such as earthquakes and typhoons, Flying Drone Lighting is also expected to be of great use at disaster sites. In search-and-rescue missions where every second could mean the difference between life and death, there is a huge advantage in being able to work even at night, which accounts for almost half of a single day. Synergytec is looking to expand into firefighting, police, and other fields which are inovolved in disaster recovery activities, the rescue of human lives, and various on-site search activities.

In the near future, the brightness provided by Flying Drone Lighting may become a signpost for disaster recovery.

Coverage date September 2, 2019


Company overview

synergytec Co.,Ltd.

Founded in Tokushima Prefecture in 1988 under the previous name of Craft Soft Co., Ltd. The company changed to its current name in 2004. As a manufacturer of light emitting diode (LED) products, Synergytec handles LED lighting for plant cultivation, aesthetic illumination of objects, and lighting for flying drones. It also provides embedded software and remote control solutions.

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