Development of a special printing technology in which text disappears completely when the light is turned offFUJIMARK Co.,Ltd


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Nothing appears on the display when the light is turned off (left side of photograph). The text and pattern appear only when the light is turned on (right side of photograph).

Product Name = Illuminated Display

Printing technology in which text and patterns disappear completely when the light is turned off

Developed by Fujimark Co., Ltd., Illuminated Display is a product for which the printed text and pattern appear only when the background light is turned on. The text and pattern disappear completely when the light is turned off. This technology is expected to solve issues with various types of illuminated signage which can be difficult to understand. One example is a parking lot sign for which it is difficult to tell if "Vacant" or "Full" is illuminated.

Additionally, the feature of being visible only when illuminated is well-suited to the security field, and this technology has already been implemented in various security equipment. Even more, the effect created by the sudden appearance of text and patterns has a strong impact and can be used for advertising purposes.

The user can freely configure the text and patterns which appear when illuminated. Another advantage of the Illuminated Display is the ability to continue using existing lighting units, which means that the product can be used without any change to running cost.

Many years of pursuing screen printing technology led to commercialization

The development of the Illuminated Display was triggered by requests from customers who wanted to improve difficult-to-see lighting units. Fujimark used its screen printing technology accumulated over a period of many years in an attempt to solve this problem. The company worked towards commercialization throughout a repeated process of trial and error. Following commercialization, Fujimark has continued working to further improve the technology. Initially, the surface color of the display was available in black only; however, customers can now select from colors such as woodgrain and white.

In addition to the security equipment mentioned above, the Illuminated Display already has a record of being used in areas such as elevator indicators which announce emergencies such as earthquakes, fires, etc. In the future, Illuminated Display is expected to be used in various medical testing devices for procedures such as eye tests, in educational toys, and in rehabilitation devices for the elderly. Fujimark has already received some inquiries regarding utilization of technology.

Also supports univeral design

The coming era requires universal design that enables equal use by everyone regardless of culture, language, nationality, age, gender, disabilities, differences in individual skill, etc. Due to its ability to display text and patterns for all users, there are great expectations for the Illuminated Display in achieving such global standards.

The Illuminated Display is low cost, low burden, and leads to the creation of new value. Considering how you can use the Illuminated Display will present short cuts to differentiating and adding value to your products.

Coverage date February 12,2019


Company overview

Fujimark Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment in 1984, Fujimark Co., Ltd. has worked as a contractor for manufacturing of integrated printing products. Some examples include various nameplates, adhesive labels, stickers, illuminated and luminous screens, and inkjet printing-related products. The company's main customers are elevator manufacturers, electric appliance manufacturers, and electric power companies. Fujimark conducts research and development for printing technology, and has applied for a patent for the technology of the Illuminated Display.

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