The company specializes in core business operating systems which are vital to any business enterprise. They offer highly customized products at a low costOnnet Systems Inc.


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Onnet integrated business series

Points to be noted

  • Construction of an information management system based on universal knowledge (accountancy, and business knowledge) without being bound by technologies that are used widely
  • Develop business by focusing on core operations (such as sales, procurement, and inventory management, etc.) that is required by any enterprise
  • Utilize low cost information processing infrastructure (computers, and networks, etc.) and offer customization that meets the customer requirements
  • Upgrade the stack system with continuous improvements

Onnet Systems, Inc. was started in the year 2000 as a company for business systems. Right from the start of the company, the company worked through direct agreements without becoming a subcontractor. As a result, they collected program components based on their work experience and developed the "Onnet integrated business series", their main product. Cost was reduced by utilizing the cloud. This system enables core business operations such as sales, purchase, and production control to be performed from anywhere inside the company provided that an internet environment is available. This is a low-cost monthly service which can be used even by small-scale business operators.

In almost all companies, indispensable core business operations are managed by humans who work for long hours using a ledger manually. Even after computers started taking over the responsibility of core business operations, systems continued to be built on general purpose and office computers that were manufactured and sold by large companies and was accepted to be expensive.

However, with the change in society due to the arrival of personal computers and telecommunication networks that were becoming cheaper each passing year, the company was convinced that they can develop a core business operation system using the actual results collected and started the development of an original system.
Company representative Mr Shigenaga Hiroyoshi felt that "It will be a good business if can offer a sales, purchase, and inventory system that was being sold for several hundred million yen around 25 years at several hundred thousand yen" based on which they can also offer services to information processing sites.

Improve the system with continuous product development

They identified more than 800 improvement points in the commercialized system over five years, and their employees work in detail on each point to improve the product every day. As a result, "Onnet Sales", "Onnet Sales Control Integrated Type Onnet-POS", "Onnet Inventory", and "Onnet Procurement" which are part of the "Onnet integrated business system" has won the trust of customers as a system that is easy to use.

The main characteristic of the core business operating system developed by Onnet is that instead of an integrated package, it is customized by assembling various components as required by each customer.
Even in the case of an "Ordinary company" or a "General business", there will be a difference in the required features according to the type of industry, products handled, and style of the respective business enterprise. The system will be easy to use if it has been customized for easy management as required by each company.

For instance, in the case of basic inventory control, the system is equipped with necessary features such as stocking and shipping, transfer between warehouses, inventory, set product, and consolidation and tracking vouchers, etc. The monthly inventory, goods on hand, previous month's carryover of each site, current month's stocks, current month's shipping, and adjustments are managed at the end of the current month and aggregated using stocking and shipping vouchers. From the monthly stocks, it is possible to track the flow (receipts and payments) of the stocks and shipping vouchers for the month.
Since both can be done through a network, it is possible to decide order quantity and timing, and detect excess inventory. These functions help to reduce stock wastage and improve cash flow.

The Onnet integrated business system can help reduce the cost and workload in various situations without being limited to inventory control. Mr. Shigenaga of Onnet proudly says that this because all employees understand the true essence of operations and business. Experienced personnel of the company have solved various problems related to the system and this enables them to explain the flow of database items related to business flow and they can customize proposals for each company.

The system is user-friendly and can be managed on the cloud, and one of its strength is the low initial customization cost and monthly usage fee. The company offers proposals for customers who want to optimize business and reduce costs according to the situation of the customers.

According to Company President Shigenaga "First, management who introduce the system must understand the business, and it is important to consider how the costs can be reduced. Costs cannot be reduced by just introducing the management system. Systems cannot be built beyond the business knowledge of the management. The system is a mirror of the management's administration ability". The system is a powerful friend that can propose specific business improvements to the business operators of small and medium-sized businesses who understand the entire business.

In future, they want to collaborate with partner companies who understand the strength of this system and can convey the information to businesses and digitize B to B such as purchase estimation requests, and ordering, etc. They plan to improve and deploy systems that are able to receive sales orders through the Web and manage core business operations through portable devices such as smart phones.
Irrespective of the degree of change in business style and products, the universal core business operations are indispensable to companies. Onnet wants to focus on this area and looks forward to the evolution of the Onnet integrated business series to a stage where further improvements will not be required.

Interview Date: July 24, 2018


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Our technologies are based on the sales and procurement of mainframe computer systems on general-purpose machines. Today, such systems run on inexpensive PCs and cloud environment. While IT innovations continue to advance and computers and networks become less expensive, we focus only on areas that have been generalized and dedicate our efforts in the continuous cycle of development, problem extraction and improvement.

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