Visualize disaster precursory.
-"Collapse sign detection system that can see inclination" using inclination measurement equipment Ⓡ-geotech Ltd.


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Learnning Points

  • Innovation in a specific field as a specialist.
  • Thorough enforcement of foundation for Academic-Industrial Collaboration.
  • Development utilizing the mobility of small organization.

Limited Company Geotech, a specialist in construction surveying, has entered the supply of products "Collapse signs sensing system visualizing inclination" Ⓡ. This is a system for detecting prognostic; such as, landslide, slope collapse, destruction of structure by monitoring with the inclination measuring device. Both the analog image of the level and the digital numerical value output draw a difference from the conventional system in the point of being intuitively and easy to understand information such such as tilt angle in chronological order. It started 10 years ago when the company began system development. Mr. Hiroki Tsuchida, the Representative director of the company who saw landslip and landslides that occur every year, created a mechanism to predict the dangers of natural disasters and issue warnings and thought that "I would like to be helpful to the safety in the society." This was the inception of said development. In addition, enthusiasm to open windows in the industry with the predefined price and to provide products with price determination rights for themselves also became a factor to boost research.

Mr. Tsuchida's efforts lasted six to seven years and started joint development of 'Vertical Judgment Sensor' with Ibaraki University graduate school in 2008 to manage the slope of surveying pole · level staff. Over the course of three years, we tried making trial with using monodzukuri subsidies, and completed the inclination measuring device. As a result, it achieves about 10 to 100 times more in precision compared to semiconductor products. The high precision inclinometer has a resolution of 1 μrad (identifies a height of 0.1 mm 100 m ahead). WEB camera · rain gauge can be added when necessary, they are sensed and visualized by a powerful IoT system.

By using this system, it is possible to monitor and detect signs of collapse in natural disasters such as landslides and embankment breakdown of rivers. Application possibility is also great for inclination of surrounding building caused by large scale civil engineering work in urban area. In this sense, the expectation for the "disaster prevention / reduction" effect will increase. We would like to develop business as collaborating with other companies in the future onward , not only in terms of hardware, but also in terms of detecting slope failures, inclining peripheral parts during construction, and monitoring long-term inclination of buildings.

  • Disaster prevention and environmental conservation field which is expected to increase demand further in the future. Though it is not the main character there, the company's "Collapse signs sensing system visualizing inclination" Ⓡ will become a must-item. With this perspective, efforts of not only companies related to disaster prevention and environmental conservation but also that of building and civil engineering are considered to have great potential.

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Based on our broad experience in the surveying field, we have developed a low-priced, practical anti-slope disaster sensor system, which has recently been commercialized. In response to increasing sediment disasters, we will contribute to disaster prevention by installing cameras, tiltmeters, displacement sensors for remote monitoring to detect the sign of a landslide. We have acquired three basic patents through our joint research with universities.

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