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Personal nutritional examinations that will make supplement customYUKASHIKADO Inc.


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"VitaNote" which can understand the nutritional condition by only sending urine

Learnning Points

  • Observation eyes that create unprecedented value
  • A significant scope looking at global infrastructure from the start
  • The enthusiasm for its purpose is the social contribution to maintaining health

Attention to various aspects such as celebrities

· It was possible to quantitatively evaluate the condition of excess or deficiency of nutrition which could not be quantified so far.
· It can provide one-stop from examination to customized supplement for each.
· Being backed by high technology and reliability due to 12 years of research and industry-university medical cooperation.

The world's first inspection service "VitaNote" that YUKASHIKADO INC. understands the nutritional status of the body with urine released in June 2017 has been cited by many companies, including the majority already including the significant strengths mentioned above. Individual members also increasingly including top athletes and famous entertainers are gaining attention as new health maintenance standards.

The realization of visualization of nutritional status "Enthusiasm."

By looking at the examination value of health checks that we usually receive, we can find numerical amounts of blood and metabolism, numerical values of liver/pancreas function, and so on. In the meal survey, you can grasp the food intake itself. However, until now, "Excess or deficiency of nutrients" including the state of absorption in the body was not known. "VitaNote" is the service that enabled it for the first time in the world. Just by taking urine in the morning, only 15 kinds of items, vitamins, minerals, protein, oxidative stress, will show the excess or deficiency against the target value as a numerical value. Knowing specific nutrition items and figures, you can see how much you should take.

It was collaboration with Shiga Prefectural University that made this possible. Our representative Shinya Minobu was the former American football player who became Japan's best in the school days, and initially the awareness of exercise, nutrition and rest that was necessary for a sound body was high. But he realized suddenly that even though American football, a scientifically advanced sport, has methods of training and rest, it relies on experience and intuition about nutrition. On another occasion, when he was researching starvation in developing countries, rather than "Not having food to eat" by starving, "Because they do not understand the state of nutrition and knowledge, they really need what you really need they did not eat " he saw what is going on. Although Mr. Minobu focused on the quantitative assessment of nutritional status from such a thing, even when seeking cooperation from research institutions, the days not being opposed to being opponent were continued. Even so, Mr. Minobu conveyed his own thoughts. It was Shiga Prefectural University that met to it. Practical application has been realized through cooperation with Mr. Minobu who accumulated daily research over the past 12 years and Shiga Prefectural University, which was initially conducting basic research.

To be "In action" inspection

It is also a feature that it is a service accompanied by a user's behavioral change of not only examination but also the execution of improvement measures. "VitaNote" can not only check the scoring data but also receive a set of tailor-made supplements "VitaNote FOR" based on the test results. It can be ingested in a supplement formulated with 100% natural materials mainly containing powder such as vegetables and fruits, with nutrients tailored to their condition. Taylor made supplement is a unit for January. As the nutritional value of the food we eat and the state of the human body change from season to season, we recommend every three months of examinations and monthly supplements.

Services that can be infrastructure

Ultimately looking to the point of wanting to improve nutritional problems in developing countries. We aim for "Global infrastructure for nutrition improvement." The most significant bottleneck of nutrition problems was lack of knowledge rather than goods. VitaNote solves one stop from grasping his / her nutritional status to ingesting nutrition. However, the field of healthcare is also a genre that new entries are frequent as a business. Continue to provide unique, high-quality services, maintain the quality of the nutritional test market itself, and not tolerate others in the market share. Increase user literacy. Although it is not an easy road, it may be that the route is visible to us.

  • "VitaNote" is intended to keep "A healthy state" unlike the purpose of medical diagnosis and symptomatic improvement aimed at the early detection of illness. Because dramatic effects are not visible, maintaining the motivation of users is one of the tasks. At the same time as enlightenment activities, how to incorporate into behavioral habits is essential.
    There are currently three menus of "General," "Athlete," "Pregnancy/Lactation period," but from now on, is not it possible to think of "Health plus α" such as "Body design" and "Beauty."

company information

We are the nutrition comprehensive service corporation and we develop, manufacture and sales of world first nutrition inspection service and nature 100% smart salad to solve the nutrition issues.

company information

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