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The patented technology realizes recycling of glass "Waste glass recycling plant system" and lightweight fill material "Supersol."

Learnning Points

  • Approach to recycling based on beliefs
  • Diffusion strategy to organize and develop unions

"Supersol" developed by Trim, Co., Ltd., which develops restaurants and recycling business in Okinawa, is a porous lightweight foam material made from waste glass discharged from the area, in other words, "Artificial pumice". It is very lightweight, high in fire resistance, water permeability, water retentivity and breathability, and originally inorganic minerals are raw materials and do not contain harmful substances. In renovation work and the like it will be treated the same as waste disposal treatment. Furthermore, since the specific gravity and the water supply rate can be freely controlled in the manufacturing process depending on the application, greening, heat insulation, gardening, water purification, water purification, construction, civil engineering etc. such as embankments in places where less pressure can be applied and where permeability is demanded. It can be used in a vast number of applications.

What triggered the development was that we were in trouble with processing a significant amount of empty glass bottles from restaurants operated by us. So we entered the recycling business, first we manufactured a glass bottle crushing device, but recycling of glass will not progress as expected. Under the belief that "Available resources must be used in Okinawa islands with low resources," we developed a plant system for waste glass recycling and obtained a patent. Since 1999, we began manufacturing and selling Supersol, and at the same time commercializing the plant system itself, we have been trying to promote it nationwide quickly. Currently, our plants are operating at 15 places nationwide.

The plant system will fit in about 495 square meters of a building. We have a full backup of plant introduction to client companies so that it can smoothly enter the recycling business. Also, Supersol has nearly 20 years experience since the start of production. Over the years, there has already been a lot of recruitment experience in Hokkaido and Okinawa from public works, etc.; recognition in local governments and the construction industry has also been considerably penetrated. Also, now we have formed "Glass foaming material business cooperative." Because we respond to the case by arranging the conditions of price and delivery, it will not get caught in barren price competition. Because of this, many companies are going to introduce plants as one of the new businesses.

In December 2017, we were selected as one of the 2148 companies nationwide as a "Future regional traction company" selected by the Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry, and was decided to receive assistance. Also, we are applying Supersol for JIS Mark aiming to be certified this summer, and if it is certified, it will be further accelerated. Amid such a tailwind, in recent years, interest from overseas such as Korea, China, Hawaii, Mongolia is also very high, it is said that he plans to proceed with exporting plants in the future. Besides the "Region," it may be that such a future that plays an active role as a driving force for global glass recycling across national borders is waiting for us.

  • In general, since glass bottles are traded with inverse onerous contract, we do not purchase glass bottles as raw materials for manufacturing Supersol, and there are no factories that are currently short of raw materials. Furthermore, it is unnecessary to remove the coloring of the glass bottle, the cap, and the label as in general glass recycling, and a series of steps from crushing to firing are automatically performed by merely introducing waste glass into the plant to be able to manufacture a Supersol. You should also pay attention to these operational features.

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We manufacture "Super Sol" which is artificial pumice, we all waste glass bottles including colored bottles that are said to be difficult to recycle. You can change the shapes and properties quite different from glass by only one technology.

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