Detect natural disasters in advance! The self-powered "Sarubobo Alarm"DESIGNOFFICE SEE Co.,Ltd


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Easily installed anywhere with sunlight and mobile phone reception.

Product name = “Sarubobo Alarm”

Detection and transmission of data on potential risks from natural disasters

In 2019, Typhoon No. 15 and No. 19, both designated catastrophic disasters, occurred in the space of just one month, causing tremendous damage such as river flooding and landslides that is still fresh in memory. Design Office See's Sarubobo Alarm is a multi-functional sensor device that detects all data on potential risks from natural disasters and sends alarms in real time.

Monitors subtle changes in the natural environment such as slope, temperature, humidity, and air pressure, and sends them to the cloud. When slope data changes, a special alarm or e-mail alert is sent.

Solar cell and rechargeable battery enable semi-permanent operation. Install anywhere with sunlight and mobile phone reception. Designed with IP65 protection, fully dustproof and water jet proof. Because it is very light at 200 g, it is easily installed on existing structures, and started by flipping a switch.

IoT with energy harvesting technology

This product is enabled by “energy harvesting technology.” The small solar panels attached to the device itself even generate a bit of power in cloudy or rainy weather. In addition to collecting this energy without waste and using it as energy for the device, the company implemented software that appropriately handles sensor information and low power consumption. It's a combination of the IoT technology that props up society's infrastructure.

Development made use of the actual experience of the “July 2018 heavy rain.” In recent torrential rainfalls, it was not possible to stay safe with only regional weather information. Local information is essential. Development began at that time in the form of a partner inquiring about tilt sensors. Collaboration with other companies has resulted in connections with water level gauges, rain gauges, wind direction anemometers, cloud systems, vibration power generating BLE beacons, etc. Already, demonstration tests have been completed at power companies and railway companies, and some trials have begun.

Addressing many requests on the basis of this product

The product's capabilities are best demonstrated in places where the risk of a landslide should be detected as soon as possible. It will certainly come in handy for individuals with dangerous spots near their homes, agricultural workers with farms in remote areas, and infrastructure operators who need to maintain and manage structures.

The company is currently receiving many requests for measurements in outdoor environments with no power supply. For the time being, using this product as the foundation system, the company is pursuing the transmission of still images with a USB camera and data transmission over a wireless line using LPWA, while also continuing development based on the requests received.

“Sarubobo” is a baby monkey doll made for ages in the Hida region of Gifu Prefecture. It is an amulet that protects people from illness and disaster. We look forward to the future development of this small amulet that protects those of us living in disaster-prone Japan from unexpected natural disasters.

Coverage date October 31, 2019


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Based on the concept of "we make what you want to create," the company designs, plans, and manufactures electronic devices and develops software in Gifu Prefecture. In order to respond to the many challenges and customer needs that cannot be solved by existing equipment and modules, it provides one-stop technical services that make full use of open-minded free thinking and the expertise developed in the past.

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