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"Wallpaper" which is indispensable to life, but it is sober presence
Wholesale trading company 's challenge to revitalize the whole industrySATAKE Co.,Ltd


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Wallpaper "HalCos heart" connecting people with people


  • "Wallpaper paste and peel" is a challenge against the taboo in the industry
  • "Wholesale" company has taken action for the entire industry
  • There are countless uses because of dealing with "image and data in combination"

New wallpaper shape

Whether it is a residence or a store, there is always wallpaper in the living space. Although we live surrounded by wallpapers every day, we wonder if there are a lot of people who focus on only the first choice.

Using such a wallpaper, the product which made the concept of "paste + cosplay/cosmetics" paste and stick are "HalCos." From the existing wallpaper, you can paste without discomfort, you can peel off like a seal without leaving traces, so you can quickly rework the room indoors. Also, since any image can be printed with inkjet, you can use diversified usage not stuck with the concept of past wallpaper such as enlarging a snapshot to wallpaper, pasting a favorite image, announcing an event and so on.

Furthermore, in "Halcos heart" with a heart-shaped two-dimensional barcode added, audio reading can also be performed by reading a heart-shaped two-dimensional barcode with a mobile terminal. You can also produce sound using sound, such as messages flowing with wallpaper. It is also possible to send grandchild photos and words. wallpaper to grandmother.

Although you may be incongruous when it is a poster, "HalCos" is precisely the wallpaper itself, so it assimilates in space without discomfort. Not only can you feel a sense of intimacy and warmth, but also you can withstand advanced uses as an interior, for example by applying Japanese pattern to a corner of the wall.

Challenge from wholesale enterprises

Satake Inc. which developed "Halcos" is a wholesale trading company of interior building materials founded in 1955. With headquarters in Akihabara, Tokyo handling wallpaper for 60 years, we have taken over the retail business from the wholesale business as a first business. The interior industry including wallpaper is the world of so-called "craftsmen". In addition to B to B, we thought that we would like to take action as an industry in order to let the wallpaper reach the world wide in the form of B to C. Today, in addition to starting development and deployment of "HalCos", we also operate an online shop "STYLE +" that handles interior goods for individuals.

For the interior industry, because the artisans and professionals play a large part, DIY is taboo originally. Because "HalCos" leads to the wallpaper DIY, it was something impossible for wallpaper makers to think about. Still what Satake does has been meaningful. Because it has affection and confidence for wallpaper. Feel free to change the wallpaper or propose new uses, the degree of attention to the wallpaper itself also increases. If attention gets higher, the wallpaper becomes more familiar. "HalCos," thought that it would be an opportunity to review the wallpaper, which had not been a high priority in the living space.

At the root of Satake's business development, there is a philosophy of "Connect people." Originally although Satake was a wholesale maker to connect manufacturer, craftsman, and retail, the next step was to make the interior industry that tends to taper more active. It was for the entire industry. The reason we made wallpaper from photos and sounds was because we want to make the connection among people. It can be said that Satake has led to business expansion, as there was grounds to emphasize such a relationship.
"HalCos heart" which can access the Web with a barcode spreads as many as the combination of image and data. The format that the wallpaper put the message voice to photos, versatile, by updating the data on the Web, is updated only sound remains the same barcode, use may be considered. It could feel spreading also in matching with business style having a real shop such as event announcement updated weekly.

company information

We handle interior products as a wholesaler of interior materials. We carry out sales leveraging our community-based network in Tokyo, Chiba, Saitama, and Ibaraki, with our head office located in Akihabara. We have a history of 60 years in business, by not only selling products but also adding various services. We will continue to strive to be a company that is both old and new.

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