Adopting one after another at the manufacturing site of the world. Breakthrough mold gas exhaust systemECOVENT


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Efficiently exhaust gas in the mold, such as in an injection mold. In-mold gas exhaust system "ECOVENT" which improves product quality and dramatically. reduces maintenance cost

Learnning Points

  • Planning and development capabilities that applied the improvement needs of the company into products
  • Sales expansion taking the global market into account

In the plastic injection molding process, as the resin is filled in the mold, the pressure of the gas in the mold is increased. To avoid leakage of the resin material, generally, gas is injected with a very small groove of about 0.02 mm "Gas burning" in which the molded product is burned due to the gas compressed and heated at a high temperature, "Gas shortcut" in which the gas remains in the mold, "Short shot" in which the resin material is not sufficiently filled. Many defective products such as shape defects were a significant problem in the manufacturing site. An exhaust system developed to solve such a problem is ECOVENT.

ECOVENT is equipped with an automatic opening and closing shutter mechanism in which the pressure of the filled resin operates the slider. Succeeded to enlarge the exhaust groove significantly, to reduce the leakage of resin material while increasing exhaust efficiency by 100 to 110 times. Dramatically improved on the incidence of defective products as described above. Initially developed for improving mold maintenance and product yield within our company, but since there were many companies with similar problems around us, this is introduced. When it was ready, we acquired a patent and took it to the market. The countries that we have gained patents are not only Japan, but also Europe and the United States, China, Korea, and seven other states.

Since then, ECOVENT has been in various industries such as automobiles, home appliances, communication equipment, electrical parts, miscellaneous goods, etc. of the world as well as in the United States, Canada, EU, China, Korea, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan. Among them, top named companies in each industry. With the introduction of ECOVENT, A series of dramatic effects continue such as the extension of the maintenance cycle that the maintenance of the mold which was conventionally required every 8 hours is finished every week and the substantial product that the excellent production rate which was 8% is now 100%. They gained a reputation such as "It is no longer possible to manufacture products without ECOVENT."

There is also a movement toward the next productization. One is the development of the new product "ECOEJECT." In addition to shaping several parts in the past, it is one that integrally molds objects that were required to be assembled, and has already been developed and planned for market introduction. And the other is the development of ECOVENT for aluminum die casting. As its name suggests, ECOVENT for aluminum die casting manufacture one that responded to the strong need of "Not only plastic but also aluminum die-cast." It will be easy to imagine that once they are introduced to the market, they will also have revolutionary effects on the site of manufacturing.

  • ECOVENT, which is characterized by a simple structure that does not require extensive and multiple devices such as electronic control and suction, was awarded the Excellence Award at the 5th Prime Minister's Awards "Manufacturing Japan Grand Prix" held in 2013. To respond to various needs even after the market launch, we repeatedly struggled with the development of new technologies and repeated upgrades and upgrading lineups such as higher performance and cost reduction. New product development anticipates further expansion of the market, and future growth is an increasingly enjoyable product.

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development, designing, manufacturing, sales and engineering of exhaust system "ECOVENT" which was never existed before. We have patent on this system in many foreign countries including peripheral patent. Many foreign manufacturers are using our system.

company information

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