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Antibacterial fluorescent lamp with long life and superior energy saving

Product Name = Antibacterial Light

Also effective for preventing bathroom odors, bathtub mold, and food poisoning

Until now, when applying antibacterial treatment to rooms and equipment, there have been methods of irradiation using germicidal lamps which emit ultraviolet light, as well as spraying and wiping using chemicals. However, there is concern regarding safety of the human body when using these methods, and the inability to use these methods during work and employment is an issue. The "Antibacterial Light" made by Horiuchi Seisakujo is a product that enables sterilizes, disinfects, deodorizes, prevents mold, etc., simply by using it as a light.

In addition to its bactericidal effect on general bacteria, the Antibacterial Light has been shown to be effective against harmful fungi causing food poisoning such as e coli and staphylococcus aureus, and against norovirus and salmonella. It has also been shown to have an inactivating effect on influenza virus. Horiuchi Seisakujo has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from users. For example, "simply turning on this light has eliminated unpleasant odors from our bathroom" and "the mold on the walls around our bathtub has disappeared."

A cold cathode fluorescent lamp (CCFL) with a design life of 50,000 hours is used as the light source. Compared to ordinary fluorescent lamps, the quality of light is roughly equivalent, but the power consumption is approximately half. Furthermore, the power consumption is about one-fourth that of incandescent bulbs. This makes the Antibacterial Light a useful product from an ecological perspective.

Silver ions and photocatalysis are the key to antibacterial effect

The mechanism of the antibacterial effect is as follows. First, a patented method is used to coat the surface of the product with "nano silver" and "titanium oxide compound". "Nano silver" uses the "electricity" and "light" emitted from the light source to transform into silver ions with a bactericidal effect. Furthermore, the "titanium oxide compound" generates antibacterial action via photocatalysis, thus achieving deodorizing and anti-mold effects for the surrounding area.

Although there have been products using silver ions and photocatalysts, many of them achieve only one antibacterial effect. Furthermore, there was the problem of being subjected to restrictions on amount, time, etc., for usage. Horiuchi Seisakujo started research for solving these problems, as well as for adding value through "long life" and "energy saving". Horiuchi Seisakujo has entered into a technical partnership with a Taiwanese manufacturer for the procurement of CCFLs. The titanium oxide compound is made through a unique blending process and has an added element for attracting bacteria, germs, viruses, etc., into the decomposition area. Horiuchi Seisakujo has commercialized the compound with help from outside the company; for example, receiving cooperation from the Yamanashi Industry Support Organization.

Expanding the product lineup and aiming to spread through a wide range of fields

Initially, installation of the Antibacterial Light began as a countermeasure against food poisoning in food processing businesses, restaurants, facility kitchens, school lunch centers, etc. Next, installation began as a disease control measure in kindergartens, nursery schools, school facilities, and nursing/welfare facilities. In the future, it may be possible to expand to Japanese inns, hotels, medical institutions, etc.

In terms of the product lineup, in addition to the existing "bulb-shaped type" and "fluorescent-light type", the company plans to launch a thin "downlight-type" that emphasizes design and a "bar-light type" with integrated lighting. In addition, Horiuchi Seisakujo has commercialized an "antibacterial interior light" for the purpose of preventing odor transfer of cargo in truck containers and managing food hygiene. As Horiuchi Seisakujo begins to focus on overseas expansion for its products, there is expectation for a more convenient way to achieve a safer and brighter future for our world.

Coverage date January 8,2019


Company overview

Horiuchi Seisakujo Co., Ltd.

Horiuchi Seisakujo was established in Yamanashi Prefecture in 1980. The company conducts integrated production from surface mounting of electronic devices and electric devices to assembly of units and housings. It provides economical products with a high level of quality and safety. The Antibacterial Light is handled by the Environment Division, which also conducts sales of LED lighting, garbage disposal machines, electric motorcycles, etc.

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