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A precise exact size can be obtained from the paper design drawing "One shot! Hayadashi-kun"

Various industries are paying attention as a result of the New Value Creation ExhibitionKH Industry Co.,Ltd



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Mr. Matsumoto of the company's equipment group says that it can be used as a sales tool that connects "One shot! Hayadashi-kun" to other services and big orders.

In construction and manufacturing, design drawings can be said to be alive. There is no problem if all the pictures can be shared by CAD data, but in reality, there are many cases where there are only paper remaining in reality. Despite looking at the drawing on paper and measuring it at the work site, despite the fact that the picture goes through processes such as copying and faxing in many cases, the scale often goes wrong. Also, there are many things such as drawings at the time of estimation, not all dimensions are written, and at the work site, it is impossible to separate the very laborious work of using the ruler and calculator to get the actual size.

Even in modern times where technology in manufacturing and construction has dramatically improved, the voice such as "The scale is unknown, and the actual size is unknown" "Mistakes in the calculation work caused mistakes in ordering" never disappear. When returning the backside, the process itself which gives the actual size is impeding the improvement of work efficiency.

Automatic scale digital scale "One shot! Hayadashi-kun" developed by KH Industrial Co., Ltd. is characterized by "one-shot scale display" which automatically calculates all remaining dimensions by inputting only one numerical value already known even if it is an unknown drawing.

I talked to Mr. Daichi Masamoto of the company who said that the number of orders showed good growth on the occasion of the New Value Creation Exhibition.

■ In fact, there were many industries in trouble

Did you discover anything when you exhibited in the New Value Creation Exhibition?
First of all, it was suitable for "One shot! Hayadashi-kun." because the New Value Creation Exhibition is a comprehensive exhibition. The product was initially targeted to the manufacturing industry, not the construction industry. We are doing plant maintenance, the drawing of the plant equipment will be quite old. Of course, there is no CAD data. There are a lot of requests to remake it, but in such drawings, it took quite a while just to estimate. We began to sell to manufacturing partners as we were wondering if many people feel like us.
However, by showing to a comprehensive exhibition gathering visitors from a wide range of industries such as the New Value Creation Exhibition, we are interested not only in the manufacturing industry but also in the construction industry, waterproof construction industry, and then the design company.

What is the charm of the New Value Creation Exhibition?
Although we are a company in Osaka, the number of visitors to the New Value Creation Exhibition that is held in Tokyo is not a ratio of the exhibition in Osaka, and unlike local exhibitions, there are many people who will be first meeting, and we felt the merit, and we have been exhibiting in it for four years.
At the time of exhibition in 2017, we got an exhibition support menu on the day of the display on the day of the show and got an opportunity to create a product PR movie for free. We think that it was a great help as a small business.
Also, because we can meet people from various industries, there are times when we can make discoveries, such as what kind of viewpoints people in different sectors are watching products, what kind they are concerned about.

Visible orders increased

Have there been changes in the number of orders with the New Value Creation Exhibition?
When we exhibited for the first time, it was still in the stage of a prototype, so we displayed it for PR. After that, we were able to finally be able to sell the product at the third exhibition, so we talked with the visitors, we received the orders from an agency or company.
y exhibiting at the exhibition, we feel a PR effect rather than hand-selling or selling on our website. Roughly it is possible to increase the order number to nearly twice as much as before the exhibition for the first time.

Did you see the improvement of trading spread?
Until now, we have not had the opportunity to get to know the distributor and the commercial relationship which is sold on the Internet, but we were able to get acquainted with wholesalers who mainly sell on the net at the 4th exhibition.

What is careful about appealing products with the New Value Creation Exhibition?
We decide the concept color before the exhibition, and we are making a booth according to that color. It was devised to get visitors' eyes to our booth. This was the first time to try this, but visitors who can come to the box and the number of orders also increased considerably compared with the past three exhibitions.

How would you like to develop it in the future?
Until now it was a product that people know in the Kansai area, but with the exhibition of the New Value Creation Exhibition held in Tokyo, the way of expanding the distribution channels to the Kanto and Tohoku regions has grown. We will take care of the connection, and we would like to tie into the work such as plant maintenance, welding and machine assembly which, our company is good at cutting the product.

Although the original target of this product was the manufacturing industry, what we noticed that other sectors such as the construction industry had similar troubles. The reason we found was that we exhibited the New Value Creation Exhibition (General exhibition) and we were able to listen face to face with people in various industries.
Mr. Matsumoto said that it is also one of the attractions of the exhibition that new encounters with visitors and attention from exhibitors' perspective are obtained each time they exhibit.

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As a maintenance company for chemical, pharmaceutical, food, and industrial waste disposal plants,we offer integrated support from design to installment of canning, piping, and machining equipment.We also sell our unique automatic digital scale ”Speed Scale” to improve the efficiency of estimates.

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