Creating industrial nameplates by using diverse methods to print on various materials such as aluminumMitakaseihan Co.,Ltd


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Example of an alumite-processed UV ink jet printed nameplate

Service name = "Manufacturing of various industrial nameplates" including alumite nameplates

Achieve high value-added industrial nameplates by specializing in alumite processing

Our industrial nameplates are widely used not only for various nameplates, but also for panels that show operating procedures for control panels, mechanical devices, etc. In particular, nameplates used at manufacturing sites must meet high standards for size, shape, materials, functionality, etc. The nameplate manufacturing technology of Mitakaseihan responds to various requirements for industrial nameplates. Some examples include alumite nameplates that print after special processing on aluminum, printing on various metals and high-performance resin films, and support for seals and labels.

Furthermore, in order to support manufacturing at international standards, MMitakaseihan has acquired ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and other certification for global standards. The company has also acquired JISQ 9100, which is known as the ISO for the advanced aerospace industry. One strength of Mitakaseihan is the ability to make proposals that meet customer needs through a systems which responds to high-level requests. Specifically, the company has been able to offer QCD proposals tailored to customer needs. This is possible through enhanced proposal capabilities by continuing to respond to the high demand for cost reduction and diverse proposals required in these industries.

Solving various industry issues through nameplates with excellent wear resistance and oil resistance

The alumite-processed nameplate is a major strength of Mitakaseihan. Using alumite processing on aluminum sheets results in increased hardness, as well as resistance to rust and scratching. Moreover, masking dyeing is used to enable dyeing of certain areas. This dyeing provides superior resistance to wear, oil, and solvents. The dye remains even if the surface is rubbed or if the nameplate is soaked in solvent. This means that Mitakaseihan's nameplates are appropriate for the special environments at manufacturing sites. Some examples include manufacturing sites where it is difficult to avoid friction between machines and sites where there is close proximity between oil and solvents.

The company's nameplates have already been introduced to an extremely wide range of industries, including manufacturers that produce medical equipment and aviation equiment which require high quality, as well as manufacturers related to hydraulic and pneumatic equipment, ultrasonic equipment, measuring equipment, and printing equipment.

Pursuing high value-added products by reviewing management plans

Until about 5 to 10 years ago, Mitakaseihan had no relation to ISO or globalization. Then, the company made fundamental revisions to its management plan. For example, the company shifted to a system that enables quantitative evaluation from an objective perspective, so it is now able to pursue high value-added products. Furthermore, the company can now prioritize research on cost-effective products. Mitakaseihan is pursuing further R&D by holding in-house competitions between factories at the company. The company is looking ahead to cooperation with overseas companies. In the near future, Mitakaseihan will surely achieve its next international transaction through its awareness for global standards and its personnel with expert knowledge of overseas conditions.

Coverage date December 17, 2019


Company overview

Mitakaseihan Co.,Ltd

Mitakaseihan Co.,Ltd was established in 1955. Based on the core business of manufacturing diverse nameplates required for industrial equipment manufacturing fields, the company has an integrated system for supporting main processes such as prepressing, printing, and processing. The company has a high level of awareness for the environment and quality management. For example, it acquired ISO14001 in 2018, and ISO9001 and JISQ9100 in 2019.

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