"Environment Improvement System" Effective for Aquaculture and Hydroponic Cultivation.WATERNAVI Corp


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Learnning Points

  • High Stability and Low Price by Simplifying the Structure.
  • Creation of Corporate-Value by transforming our own technology to Environmental Improvement.

Fine bubble generation device "Aqua Transfer" which can cope with wide area such as a pond and a dam.

"Aqua Transfer" as a core service provided by Water Navi Co., Ltd. is an ejector type device that generates fine bubbles by mixing water and air under reduced pressure at a high speed. This fine bubble means that fine bubble with a smaller than or equal to diameter of 100 micrometers which has a negative electric potential and contractile function.

The development of the core technology has started with an unexpected perspective. The company focused on that the cleaning effect of emission energy is useful for detachment of attached materials such as dirt at the time of fine bubble annihilation. Likewise, we were promoting research and development with an anticipation of physiological active effects such as improvement of internal blood flow and promotion of plant growth.

Since about 7 years before, we collaborated with Yagi laboratory of Science and Engineering at Setsunan University, made a success in commercialization in 2015. By controlling the capability of the pump to be combined with and by adjusting the amount of air, we made it possible to control the amount and diameter of bubbles generated in the water.

Practical application of development technology

Representative Director Makoto Yamaguchi talks about the attractiveness of "simple structure combining fine bubble generating nozzle and pump, low defective rate, and low price" and "aqua transfer". In regard with the price, though it depends on the model, from about JPY 200 thousand to JPY 2 million per product which is set to a fraction of one half or one third compared to that of other companies.

This device is now mainly adopted in agriculture such as aquaculture and hydroponic cultivation. In regard with the fish keeping of natural pike congers or Hamo, by generating fine air bubbles with the same device and by keeping the dissolved oxygen concentration in the water of the aquarium for a long time, it prevents acid deletion for Hamo. In addition, since fine bubbles activate microorganisms existing in water and efficiently decompose organic matter, fishery growth environment is improved, and it has got popular among fishery companies which find it can prevent mortality of Hamo.

We are scheduling to commercialize the unit system with which nozzle and pump are packaged in this summer. It will be with our expectation to utilize it as an environmental improvement device for “closed water area such as ponds and dams".

  • As the corporate attitude of working on environmental improvement focusing on "water" is consistent, that technology development and commercialization are tied straight is the strength of Water Navi.
  • To water quality improvement by fine bubbles as well, various ideas may be raised for the cooperation business utilizing cleaning effect by microbubbles.

company information

At WATERNAVI Corp., established in September 2011, we conduct an environmental business focusing on water treatment. We will leverage our wealth of experience and broad-ranging networks to respond to the various water treatment needs of customers. Our originally developed fine bubble system is ideal for aquaculture, hydroponic culture of vegetables, flowers and ornamental plants as well as the treatment of waste water containing hard-to-decompose organic substances such as food processing waste water.

company information

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