"Micro-Nano bubble generation system" to wash with the power of foam"
Generate Nano bubbles of 1 micron (0.001 mm) or lessTriBiox Laboratories


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Possible to wash the soil with oil only
"Micro-Nano bubble generation system" that generates bubbles of 1 micron (0.001 mm) or less

Learnning Points

  • High awareness of the environmental burden of washing with water only
  • Development mind keeps asking for more advanced performance

Tribiox Laboratories, which is developing a business that makes full use of a database relating to heat sterilization to provide safe foods and environments without microbial hazards. Based on long-standing research, the company has a diameter of 30 microns (0.03 Developed "Micro-Nano bubble generation system" capable of peeling oil stains, etc. by generating bubbles below mm. We are introducing it to metal processing manufacturers and others.

"Micro-Nano bubble generation system" is a device incorporating a pump and a micro-Nano bubble generator in a box-shaped container having a length of 50 centimeters, a width of 50 centimeters, and a height of 55.3 centimeters. The "Swirling flow system" in which the generator rotates when the pump sucks in water is adopted, and the air is sheared inside the water by the rotation of the generator, and bubbles of 30 microns (0.03 mm) or less in diameter occur. The bubble has the property of shrinking to 1 micron (0.001 mm) or less due to the pressure from the surroundings, and when it is reduced to 0.1 micron (0.0001 mm), energy is generated by shock, various oil and dirt Peel off things. Because of these properties, it is possible to drop oil and others adhering to the metal only with water without using organic solvents as in the past. Although the cleaning time differs depending on the object, the dirt that required half a day until the end of the washing in the conventional method can be dropped in about 1 hour in the same product.

The structure of the product. Bubbles are generated by rotation of the generator from the water sucked up by the pump.

The product was developed at a research facility for the venture in 2012 and the generator, which is the core of the product, acquired the patent in 2015. In development, trial and error were repeated on the occurrence of foam "Nano bubble" of 1 micron (0.001 mm) or less. At the time of construction, Mr. Tetsuo Hiraga, a deputy representative of the company, said he was struggling to recognize whether the Nano bubbles are correctly generated or not because there was no way to accurately analyze foam that had been reduced to 0.1 microns (0.0001 mm).

In 2017, we developed a new model with the more compact shape. Currently, we are continuing research towards the completion of a system that improves performance and generates ozone-containing foam "Ozone micro-Nano bubble." Ozone micro-Nano bubble can obtain strong oxidizing power and sterilizing effect, so it can be expected to be used in the medical field, such as washing at the time of treatment of teeth, for example. It is said that we are already in the development stage and we are in the adjustment stage to optimize to the field where products will be used, and it is expected to be commercialized as early as 2018 in the future.

Besides washing, various effects such as water purification and supply of dissolved oxygen can be expected.
  • Currently, the development system of "Ozone micro-Nano bubble" that we are developing is expected to have a bactericidal effect against viruses and bacteria. For example, it will be possible to sterilize raw oysters and so on, so it seems that applications in the food field are fully considered. We would like to expect not only medical and manufacturing sites but also dissemination to more familiar areas.

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Reduction of environmental burden

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