"Large diameter Electric discharge pipe electrode" enabling beautiful accurate thin groove processingNANSHIN Co.,Ltd.


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Realizing highly precise accurate thin groove processing
"Large diameter Electric discharge pipe electrode" of copper material

Realizing highly precise accurate thin groove processing
"Large diameter Electric discharge pipe electrode" of copper material

  • Technical capabilities embodying thinness and caliber unprecedented
  • Strong thought to realize tenaciously the needs of clients

Nansin Co., Ltd. handles the design, development, and manufacture of ultra-high precision microtubes, etc. As a product for processing a part of the inside of a car engine, we developed the pipe electrode "Large diameter Electric discharge pipe electrode" which there are no existing products based on the know-how cultivated in previous business and struck the strength of "Large diameter" and "Thin" the thickness of the plate. We are promoting widespread use targeting car manufacturers and manufacturers of metalworking.

"Large diameter Electric discharge pipe electrode" is a pipe electrode made of pure copper by electric casting, which is used to perform thin groove processing by electric discharge for hard steel and others. Although the pipe electrode itself existed before, it differs from the conventional product in that the diameter of the circle has a large diameter of φ 6 to 7 mm or more, and the thickness of the pipe plate is also standard size of 0.05 mm or less. These characteristics made it possible to process thin accurate grooves with beautiful and high precision, which was difficult to realize with cutting and conventional pipe electrodes. In addition to being able to perform a special cut that suppresses deformation, "burr" which is a Giza-like protrusion, it is also possible to adjust the caliber in microns.

The development of this product was advanced from 2011. Initially, we were good at manufacturing thin-walled pipe made of nickel material, but it was proposed to commercialize thin pipe made of copper material from the client and started development. Since then, development has proceeded smoothly without any technical obstacles, but in addition to training on how to treat different elements of copper, practice and trial and error of prototypes with clients for a specified period It took about four years to complete it. Also, it was said that there was hard work regarding how to achieve cost performance.

The company started full-scale deployment of the product from 2015, and now it is offering to manufacturers that do precision machining of molds as well as car manufacturers. Due to products that have never been before, Ryuji Sakai, director of the sales department of the management division of the company, has unknowns about the latent demand of the market, but said, "Raise product awareness, I want to establish it." Mr. Sakai said, "As a manufacturer that handles liquids and gases also want products to be known," as demonstrated by the track record that gasoline flowing can be made, as a result of the liquid and gas flow path can be established.

Example of processing by "Large diameter Electric discharge pipe electrode." It can cut burrs and deformation is suppressed.
  • Nansin Co., Ltd., which realized a structure that was conventionally difficult, which is thin while it is large in diameter. On the development side, "Technical difficulty was not high," and behind the words, we can see prospects for advanced technology capable of fine adjustment in microns. There are hurdles that it takes time to raise awareness because of the niche field, but if the excellent characteristics of the product are widely known, there is a possibility that utilization will progress at a stretch.

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Through the electric casting micropipe technology which the others cannot imitate, we contribute to customers' [miniaturization of parts]. Moreover, we are proud of selling not only the pipes alone but also providing the value-added proposals that combine secondary processing or assembly and leading to the customers’ needs.

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