Compact and Highly Efficient All-in-one Motor that Facilitates Manpower-saving and Manpower Flexibility in Various IndustriesGingaElectric Co.,Ltd


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Enables automation of a wide variety of products in various industries

Product Name = "In-wheel Motor" that Incorporates a Deceleration Mechanism and Driver

Highly Efficient In-wheel Motor With an Easy-to-use Form Factor

An in-wheel motor is a unit that incorporates a motor inside a wheel. They are gaining attention as a power source for EVs and other vehicles with their efficiency, operability, and space-saving compactness.However, in fields other than mobility, such as automobiles, they have had few opportunities to be introduced. GingaElectric Co.,Ltd reckoned that this type of motor might be used in a wider variety of fields if offered in an easy-to-use form, and developed its "'In-wheel Motor' that incorporates a deceleration mechanism and driver."

The product is based on a DC brushless motor, which is widely used today. A compact body of 100 mm in outer diameter and 78 mm in length incorporates a driver circuit and a deceleration mechanism. It can be used for various applications, such as equipment that needs a control mechanism or equipment driven at low speeds. Since it is an all-in-one model, the electrification or automation of various types of equipment can be more feasible. One example is that if you replace the wheels of an existing trolley with in-wheel motors equipped with tires and install a controller, you can make an electric trolley.

Withstands High Loads and Contributes to Improving Stability

The product specifications are as follows: Power supply voltage DC 24V; Rated output 130 W; Rated torque 1.27 Nm; Maximum running speed of the electric trolley (when installed to a trolley) 6 km/h, regardless of the load. Winding the copper wire densely is one approach to make the product small. By employing techniques like that, the company successfully reduced the size of the product while increasing its power, and determined the specifications and size incorporating customer input.

If the product is installed on a carrier such as an automated guided vehicle, the carrier's load capacity can increase as the product is designed to withstand loads as high as approximately 80 kg per wheel. The small wheel size makes the carrier's center of gravity low, and the stability during transport increases. Further, longer battery life can also be expected with the high efficiency unique to in-wheel motors.

GingaElectric has always served the needs of its customers with sophisticated customization. This product is also fully customizable, so users can get a model that perfectly matches their requirements without needing in-house adjustments to tailor to the motor.

Potential for Utilization in a Wide Range of Fields

Productivity improvement is demanded in all industries dealing with trends such as the decline in the working population. In such a situation, this product can easily improve business efficiency by automating various types of equipment. It could be deployed in various things, for example, automated guided vehicles and robots in the logistics field; power sources for mobility assistance equipment in the welfare and nursing care fields; electric bicycles and electric kickboards in the mobility field; and as a component for the electrification of wide-ranging industrial equipment.

Manufacturing companies may want to incorporate these in-wheel motors into their offerings to create electrified products with unique value. In fact, the company has extensive experience in collaboration, and is currently promoting a joint development project using this product.

Aiming to be "a company that realizes comfortable living by electrification," the company has been supplying products to a wide variety of industries. This product will also be introduced in more and more fields in the future and will make our lives more comfortable.

Coverage date October 13, 2020

Company Overview

GingaElectric Co.,Ltd

Ginga Electric is a manufacturer of small and medium-sized motors that designs, develops, and mass-produces AC and DC motors, controllers, and actuators on a custom-order basis. The company was established in 1948. Based on technology cultivated over its long history, the company is particularly good at detailed customization and joint planning and development with customers. The company’s products are used in a wide variety of equipment fields including industrial, medical, and in-home.

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