nano Femiras: Shower head equipped with a mechanism for generating nanobubblesJAPAN STAR Co., Ltd.


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Simple replace your shower head to experience penetration and cleansing unlike anything before

Product Name = nano Femiras shower head

Nanobubbles for increased penetration and cleansing!

nano Femiras is a shower head that converts the air contained in water into nanobubbles. The resulting water is expelled through ulta-fine holes with high water pressure. This creates penetration and cleansing unlike anything you have ever experienced. It is said that nanobubbles enhance moisturizing and warming, and that bathers will experience moist and beautiful skin simply by showering with nanobubble water for about 1 minute. Furthermore, by continuing to expel hot water through the ultra fine (0.1 mm) holes of the nano Femiras shower head for about 30 seconds, you can transform your bathroom into a mist sauna. In winter, nano Femiras can be used instead of a bathroom heater.

Moreover, nano Femiras uses the power of negative ions to achieve cleansing which is about 4.2 times greater than ordinary tap water. This cleansing power goes beyond simply washing away dirt from pores and skin. The tip of the shower head can be removed for High-Power Cleaning Mode. This mode is extremely effective even for cleaning bathtubs and bathrooms.

Even more, nano Femiras saves approximately 26% more water than conventional shower heads. Since no power supply is required for use, it can be used with peace of mind for safety.

Nanobubbles excavate dirt from pores and penetrate deep into skin

JAPAN STAR Co., Ltd. has researched microbubbles since being founded in 2008. Through cooperation with the Gunam University Center for Instrumental Analysis, the company completed a nanobubble generation system in 2013 and acquired a patent in 2017.

The mechanism of the nanobubble generation system is as follows. When water passes through the system, unique technology is used to exert pressure and remove air from the water. This generates water which penetrates deep into the skin. Furthermore, the extracted air is finely sheared, negatively ionized, and then returned to water. This generates nanobubbles which excel at removing dirt while providing superior heat retention and humidifying effect.

According to JAPAN STAR, the normal size of a skin pore is about 120 μm (1 μm = 0.001 mm). In contrast, the size of the nanobubbles created by the system is 0.1 um. These ultra-small nanobubbles not only excavate dirt from inside skin pores, but also penetrate deep into the skin to provide moisture. Each nano Femiras shower head is equipped with four of these nanobubble generation systems

In addition to capturing the overseas market, JAPAN STAR is also expected to expand its technology

In addition to ordinary households, 50,000 units of nano Femiras have already been shipped mainly to hairdressers, beauty salons, and hotels. Users have provided positive feedback, making statements such as "my skin is smooth and my dry skin is much moister." JAPAN STAR plans to expand overseas in 2020 and aims to sell 1 million units in 2022.

Of course, nano Femiras is attracting attention for achieving extremely high effects which surpass those of conventional products, simply through the one easy step of replacing a shower head. Even more, we expect other corporations to place intense focus on the technology held by JAPAN STAR and the nanobubbles produced by those technologies.

Coverage date July 18, 2019


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JAPAN STAR was founded in 2008 from the desire to provide truth, sincerity, satisfaction, and unique services through its products. JAPAN STAR possesses a proven track record of using the core technology of precision sheet metal processing to develop and manufacture engine parts for water purifiers produced by numerous leading manufacturers. Based on this experience, the company conducts research, planning, and sales of environmentally-related products, with a focus on water.

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